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GROW FIGHTER GAME 04 01 2016 April Fools!

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I hope you enjoyed our annual April Fools!  Special thanks to Danusko for the animation and art!  This year I thought I'd go a little further since last year's(me becoming the main artist of ZZZ Comics) was a little too obvious. I was even going to have a character select screen where Uno would be a secret character(like classic Akuma) but ran out of time.

This year though no one seemed to call it :)  I'd love for this to be real - I love Street Figher and my growing girls - but time(Im working on writing, editing, website and rendering comics every day), legal reasons(Grow Fighter and Titan Tina are spoofs after all) and $$$(animation/coding is expensive) make this really not possible anytime soon. 

Anyway here is how the April Fools went:

The Grow Fighter game demo is ready! In this preview you can see Grow Fighter main character Gemma VS My GTS Ex Girlfriend Anti Hero Titan Tina!

Click here to check out the demo: Growfighter April12016
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446788632464850944 by Rison5013  Damn, Titan Tina is freaking huge and so sexy (NSFW)
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ghost-nerdyStudent General Artist
pretty nice!
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Do any of the characters give spankings? Just curious :)
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tokotigerHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm making a giant lady fighter :)

Progress is slow though...
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artboy329Hobbyist Digital Artist
I want see this as a real game sometime I'm leaning game creation Maybe I can make it real some day.
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I mean, it's probably for the best that this be fake.  A fighting game with madly fluctuating, increasing hitboxes?  That sounds like a game balance nightmare.
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tokotigerHobbyist Digital Artist
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ShadeDrawzProfessional Digital Artist
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VanqvisherHobbyist Traditional Artist
You do all this art? Incredible.
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this have to happen! woo!
excellent work
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giantess-fan-comicsProfessional Digital Artist
Really excellent!
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Why not actually make something more out of this? It looks too damn good to be left as a looping animation. Even something simple could be awesome. 
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hotrod5Hobbyist Digital Artist
You got me good and I can't complain at all due to anything with Titan Tina is always good. :D
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Aw, this was an April Fools joke. :(

It was a good one though, I was about to pre-order. ;)
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bluedog79Student Artist
well played zzz..well played. 
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Even aside from the sexy, this looks really good.
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JeufufnsStudent Writer
I should learn not to use the internet on 1st April. Shittiest day of the year
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MarioMario8384Hobbyist General Artist
-play's Ryu's stage theme in the background- .w. noice
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T_T If only it was true. That would be completely amazing if you did a growth game with your characters.
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This looks pretty damn good!
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RulerKing809Hobbyist Artist
wanted to see how big she could really get XD 
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TrentHarlowHobbyist Digital Artist
Happy April Fools'!
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