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..they probably got a detention later,for doodling.

Early this month my pc broke down so I couldnt finish this until last week, in the middle of my cramming for midterms= =. I was literally drawing while I was listening to lecture recordings Orz. 
I think this is the most characters I've drawn in one picture so far(first time I realized my canvas was not big enough). full-body and everything..had a lot of fun drawing this though!  I have been thinking about after-school-scenario like this for a while now, but I was not sure to use it for Gintama or Haikyuu. so I flipped for it:/
(k gotta do something else for Gintama now)

I had a blast last weekend at Katsucon, thanks for everyone who stopped by. Saturday was my bday too, got candies from some of you and thanks for your wishes here on dA, I am so blessed! *v*
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duuuuude the background detail is insane
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This is just amazing
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This is so gorgeous!  I especially love the perspective, and how you painted the trees.  :) 
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This piece is amazing! 
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Without a doubt, this is going to my favourites... Like it too much. HAIKYUUUUUU~~~~ Hinata Blushing Icon 
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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH excited happy 
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THIS is such an amazing work!! you did a great work capturing the essence and personality of each character!
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Just bought this print along with a HxH one and a Toon link one from Momocon!
I wanted to get an autograph, but the guy said he couldn't sign without you... :C
Oh well... I love your drawings~~~
Keep up the good work!
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I saw this print at Animazement but don't see it up on your shop... will you be selling this one online?
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I just luv it! :iconlainloveplz:
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I bought this print @ Sakura Con 2015. It's so beautiful and awesome! (I REALLY love Haikyuu!!)
Will your prints be sold @ Sakura Con 2016?
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OMG THAT`S BEAUTIFUL! So many details and colours!
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Perfect job!
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I love everything about this!  Beautiful work!
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This is gorgeous!Great perspective and colors!:iconluvluvplz:
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I love that sakura tree. Its pretty cool. Good job
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I've missed your art, it looks better than ever. uwu
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Ahhh, that perspective, the colors, all those characters, so amazing! 
How big was the original canvas? Must have been huge to get everyone in with such detail!

Also just looking at this makes me feel like an onset of allergies.. in the best way possible P:
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Ooh, such vibrant colors! It looks amazing! 
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I love the colours and the background! And great composition :D
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Awesome !! The complexity of the drawing *_* Very beautiful and colorful too ! :D
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well,one of the best fan art from Haikyuu!
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