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Sexy...but sadic.
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This is one of my favorite works of art I've ever seen on DA. Beautiful.
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Creepily beautiful!
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Beautiful and scary! At first I thought she was cutting up some vegetables or something; I had to do a double-take when I saw the demonic head, I couldn't believe my eyes at first. And she has sucha cavalier attitude about it too :)
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Wow a bit spooky but beautiful at the same time ^ ^ love it =)
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wow love it O\\\O
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I love how the cheerful, sweet expression on the girl's face - as though she is doing something she finds interesting, calming, yet enjoyable - contrasts so sharply with her actions. Not to mention the sandals - great toes by the way - sleeveless tee and shorts, like she's an ordinary teenaged or twenty-something girl slicing a watermell - ered head. Right. Great hair, which I'm sure many have mentioned, but for some reason I also adore the bits of grass springing up from between the cobblestones at her thigh. Great work artistically, and brilliant choice of subject.
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Everything is so smoothly shaded yet still seems to have beautiful texture. Simply amazing!
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The amazing amount of detail you can see in this picture is likely the most impressive part, in my opinion, from her skin to her tank top to her tattoos, it all makes it so breathtaking, well done.
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it looks soooo AWESOME!!!! I see your work and feel like I fail in every single drawing :P
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mhm <3 yummi xD I had this yesterday for dinner xDD

Great Work !!!
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you're featured in my journal here =>[link]
love your work :heart:

portfolio :dalogo: [link]
facebook :facebook: [link]
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Reminds me of an older Izumo from Ao no Exorcist. :thumbsup:
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Are you kidding me?! this is freaking insane... so much talent!!!
damn it's amazing!
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How can something so scary look so beautiful? :D
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I think my favorite quality of this is the lighting. It's realistic both in the foreground (which is the most dominant in the picture) and in the background (here it truly provides the feel of a summer day. The color dims and you can really feel the heat). It only adds to the amount of realism and the atmosphere.

The other aspect that makes this so strong is the contrast. By contrast, I'm not referring to lighting, but the actual image itself. A fairly young and beautiful girl cutting into the head of an ugly monster (I'm sorry that I cant specify what the creature actually is). It doesn't seem like something a young girl should do. In addition, the faint smile simply sends shutters down your spine when you finally process what she's doing. This picture has such a creepy feel (whether it was intended or not, it works well).

Excellent work. You did a very good job with this. :)
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it was scary but on the other side....

Very nice work...
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Well, it's based on a photo [link] - why didn't you put a link to it?
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why are you so awesome making this piece??? this thing is cool, but scared another side :icondesucraiplz:
I was like le gasp!!! this thing is horrible but awesome in same time :cries:
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