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What Is A Tapestry?!

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I'm pretty sure if you ask Rarity at this point, tapestries would be nothing more than a "miserable pile of threads!" :)

Also Killer Tapestries need to be in the next Castlevania game cause, you know, they are just too easy!  ;) 

MLP: FiM, Rarity, and the Castle of the Two Sisters copyright Faust and Hasbro

Castlevania copyright Konami

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Also, I have a new flash game up for you guys.


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xUnfortunate-SoulsxStudent Writer
She was only trying to restore ancient art!
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I actually didn't get it for once.
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WalkingWithPinguHobbyist Traditional Artist
"DIE Monster, you don't belong to this world"
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Yes, I understand that the title is a Castlevania reference, but I don't understand why she gets a game over just because it falls on top of her.
Shamrock95's avatar
Probably because the objective was to mend the tapestry. She failed the objective, so it's game over.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
But it's not like the thing burned to ash. It just came off the wall. She has magic, she can hang it back up when she's done fixing it. So how is it a game over?
Shamrock95's avatar
"Game over" scenarios don't always have to make sense. Heck, Sleeping Dogs has a prime example of that.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Very true.
WalkingWithPingu's avatar
WalkingWithPinguHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not sure, you can give it a shot on google.
Centaur71's avatar
is it a Tapestry, or a TRAP-estry? Maybe a travesty, being trapped by a tapped tapestry? Should she have travelled before tapping the tapestry that entrapped her?
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
That was actually pretty good.
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DJRezurrectHobbyist Digital Artist
"I was only trying to restore ancient art!" :iconraritysadplz: 
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"The Gobelins will get ye ef ye don't watch out!"  7@=Q 

(I realize practically no one will get that joke, but I had to do it…..) 

templar127's avatar
Acheivement unlocked!
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, technically that is not game over cause she still alive but hilarious.
jacknurse's avatar
I lol'd.
This is some seriously adorable stuff! xD
AJR001's avatar
Well at least the tapestry cared enough to keep Rarity warm... :XD:
Sharpfang's avatar
You were killed by the wild gazebo.
warlord487's avatar
This is a disappointing game.
JDunk1971's avatar
Castlevania?   I thought this was a riff on the old Kings Quest series.
MasterChief01's avatar
Haha, another clever bitcomic.  Very cute.
LOLOLOLOLOL poor my beautiful Rarity xD
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shaoronHobbyist Digital Artist
What is a tapestry?
Cyber-Angel-Rowan's avatar
Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
Die, monster! That combination of blue and grey does not belong in this world!
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