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Training Wings

By Zztfox
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Star Fox comic for Glitch-Sketch

Soarin': *Noms Pie*

Rainbow Dash: "Was that not AWESOME the way I swooped in and saved you from crashing!!"

Soarin': *Noms Pie more*

Rainbow Dash: "Uh, a little thanks here?"

Soarin': *Pie Nom-ing Intensifies* 

Rainbow Dash: "FINE, I am OUTTA HERE!!"

Soarin': *Finishes Pie* "Did I miss anything?"

This would have TOTALLY shortened the Rainbow Falls episode by about 15 minutes!

Also, what's your all time favorite power-up from a video game? Mushrooms? Power-Pellets?

Mine is Castlevania's Pot Roast :)

MLP: FiM copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME writers ;)

Star Fox copyright Nintendo

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Sel-DioraStudent Traditional Artist
heh heh, nice. Really incorporates the game style of the comic.
SilentCarto's avatar
SilentCartoHobbyist Artist
Great, now I have the training music stuck in my head.
ShonenJump4eva's avatar
The hammer from Donkey Kong.

Fleetfoot:  Do a barrel roll!
Siarnaq21's avatar
Siarnaq21Hobbyist General Artist
Favorite power-up?  Aku Aku.

ChaosDrgon's avatar
RD, the Slippy of this comic.
Siarnaq21's avatar
Siarnaq21Hobbyist General Artist
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Hmm.... true in a sense, but the difference is that we actually listen to ROB64, whereas we ignore Slippy.
Siarnaq21's avatar
Siarnaq21Hobbyist General Artist
But ROB64 is the one who gives you supply drops.  Slippy just gives you the boss's health bar.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Yes, but again, we ignore Slippy, not ROB.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that is funny
Rusvul's avatar
Soarin caught rubbernecking.  Worth it @_@
AJR001's avatar
Soarin' + Pie = He forgets pretty much the outside world at that point... :XD:
uncommentator's avatar
uncommentatorHobbyist General Artist
I approve.
dancinninjac's avatar
:iconrob64plz: Location confirmed. Sending pies.
templar127's avatar
Care package incoming!
catluvr2's avatar
catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
Do a barrel roll, Soarin!
DiscordsDestiny's avatar
Favorite power up? ...spiny shell.
BinaryHedgehog's avatar
BinaryHedgehogHobbyist General Artist
"Location confirmed, sending supplies"
PangoPixel's avatar
Favorite power up you ask? Rare Candies from the Pokemon series
YesImDeadpool's avatar
YesImDeadpool General Artist
I got the reference right away. XD
ihamza995's avatar
ihamza995Hobbyist Artist
Chaos Emeralds!
plasmanomega's avatar
Do a barrel roll!
ShadeNightblade's avatar
Maybe Soarin should've done a barrel roll...you knew this would be inevitable
My favorite power-up would be the lightning bolt in Mario Kart...and the easter egg upgrade in Megaman X
BB-K's avatar
BB-KHobbyist Writer
Yeap, the cheerleaders are so hot and beautiful, they can make a nice distraction. :)
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