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Published: October 4, 2015
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Rainbow Dash: "Rarity, what kind of Lollipops where those?"

Rarity: "It says here "Specter Lollipop - So delicious, you'll forget time even exists!"."

Rainbow Dash: "Well that's one mystery solved, now how do we get back to our own time?"

Rarity: "This is the future, maybe time travel?"

*Sudden Phase Distortion*

Pinkie Pie: "Did someone call for one bending of Space and Time?"

Rarity and Dash: "...."

Pinkie Pie: "Hold onto your hats, then!"

*Phase Distortion, Part 2*


Pinkie Pie: "That was fun!"

Rarity: "Urgh..."

Rainbow: "I think I lost my lunch..."

Pinkie Pie: "How about you, Derp-Borg 9000?"

*Derp-Borg 9000 World Domination Sequence Initiated*

Pinkie Pie: "Whoops!"


Hello all, how has your weekend been treating you?

For tonight's question, what are your thoughts on time travel and where would you go if you did decide to travel?

I myself am comfortable right where I am, I will leave the whole time travel thing to the pros ;)

Til' next time, have a good day/night!


MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and its AWESOME writers.
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drake-rexHobbyist Writer
Lol, that derpy XD
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Legacy-GalaxyHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it just me or do I feel like the Specter Lollipop is a reference to something?
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If I could only go to one time in my time machine, I would have to submit a very sternly worded complaint.
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
FUTURE !!!!!!
jyroman53's avatar
jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yis ! I was searchin for dis !
tigreanpony's avatar
That was great, to hilarious there especially the caption underneath.
MrSpanyard's avatar
Big Boss Rarity.
I love these comics.
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SPB2015's avatar
I always love these little 8-bit comics.
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ChaoticNoteHobbyist Writer
Animatorsnake's avatar
*walks around the corner*
... wait Rarity... Dash, but you two are suppose to be... wait a minute, let me guess time travel.
Rarity & Dash: Yep.
*sighs* come on let's get you two to the right timeline.
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And now they are in Blade Runner...
AJR001's avatar
Damn, can I have one of those lollipops...? :XD:
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ColonelYeoHobbyist General Artist
Whoops. Waited a little TOO long there. XD
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Well, I for one am ready to bow down to our new Derp-Borg 9000 overlord.

I am pro time travel and pro saving Lincoln.
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Sel-DioraStudent Traditional Artist
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Queen-CeraliHobbyist Traditional Artist
cool! wonder what doctor whooves would think...
the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
the-mysterious-ponyXHobbyist General Artist
phantom cigar
(am i right or just a coincidence)
specter=phantom right?
Zztfox's avatar
ZztfoxHobbyist Digital Artist
It is a MGS V reference indeed!

Glad you noticed :)
the-mysterious-ponyX's avatar
the-mysterious-ponyXHobbyist General Artist
what i didn't know was that an equals sign and a p turn into a smiley face. derp
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