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Mega Apple Bash



Rainbow Dash: "What WAS that, anyway?"

Applejack: "Say on the box it was a Final Smash."

Rainbow Dash: "WHAT box?!"

Pinkie Pie: "OOOOOooo... Didja finally open that copy of Super Smash Ponies I gave you AJ?"

AJ & Rainbow: *!!!!!!*

Pinkie Pie: "Your turn, Dash!"

...And that is why Pinkie Pie is banned from Tournaments :)

So, who all has played Super Smash Bros 3DS. I have been playing it ALL week! (as if you couldn't tell ;))

What would the best Ponies Final Smash be? 

Sound off in the comments, guys :)

MLP:FiM copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME writers ;)

Super Smash Bros, Smash Ball, and Final Smashes copyright Nintendo

Shameless plug for my newest game: PRISMATIC RINGS!

Prismatic Rings (Flash Version)

Also available on the Google Play Store: [LINK]

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Pixel art! Love it! =P (Razz)