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Mega Apple Bash

By Zztfox
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Rainbow Dash: "What WAS that, anyway?"

Applejack: "Say on the box it was a Final Smash."

Rainbow Dash: "WHAT box?!"

Pinkie Pie: "OOOOOooo... Didja finally open that copy of Super Smash Ponies I gave you AJ?"

AJ & Rainbow: *!!!!!!*

Pinkie Pie: "Your turn, Dash!"

...And that is why Pinkie Pie is banned from Tournaments :)

So, who all has played Super Smash Bros 3DS. I have been playing it ALL week! (as if you couldn't tell ;))

What would the best Ponies Final Smash be? 

Sound off in the comments, guys :)

MLP:FiM copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME writers ;)

Super Smash Bros, Smash Ball, and Final Smashes copyright Nintendo

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Pixel art! Love it! =P (Razz) 
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Wind Whistler's final smash - Emotional Outburst: Wind Whistler releases all the emotions she was holding back in the direction of her chosen with both logical control over the attack once released while be able to move during the attack's presents.  This final smash increases in power the longer you don't use it after the last time it was used up till its as powerful as Captain Omilar's Super Smash Bros. Brawl final smash as well as being that powerful the first time it is used.
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I shall create a complete moveset for AJ instead of just a lazybones specials list. Creative liberties were taken to make her a viable fighter.

AJ, a "strong and slow" type a la Bowser.

Standing-A: AJ throws a forceful punch. No combos, but the attack hits hard. Think of Ganondorf's Standing-A from Brawl.
Side-A: AJ performs a more powerful and slower backhand (hoof).
Down-A: AJ stomps with one hoof, sending a small shockwave a very short distance in front of her.
Up-A: AJ flicks her tail to attack upwards. 

Side-Smash: AJ turns around and bucks with both hind legs. This is her most powerful standard attack.
Up-Smash: AJ balances on her front hooves and bucks upwards.
Down-Smash: AJ rears up and stomps the ground, making a small crater.

Standard-Air: AJ takes off her hat and swipes downward with it.
Up-Air: AJ performs a backflip and flicks upward with her tail.
Side-Air: AJ throws a side hook, which causes her to rotate.
Down-Air: AJ kicks downward with all four hooves simultaneously. Spiking move.

Grab: AJ throws her lasso forward to constrict an enemy. This grab has a long range for a grab.
Grab-A: AJ squeezes the lasso to deal damage.
All directional throws are just AJ throwing the enemy with the lasso.

Standing-B: AJ takes a bite of an apple, then tosses it behind her. Restores 3% of damage and will damage enemies hit by the tossed apple. The entire animation takes 1.5 seconds.
Side-B: AJ kicks an apple in the direction pressed. Ranged attack. AJ will occasionally kick something more dangerous, like a bob-omb.
Down-B (hold): AJ digs at the ground. If held for long enough, one of three plants will appear. Enemies can attack the plants.
1) An Everfree vine will sprout and grab a nearby enemy, squeezing it to deal damage. Enough button-mashing and the enemy will escape the plant. After 5 seconds, it will disappear on its own.
2) A lightning bolt will strike the ground and a Zap Apple tree will grow. Enemies struck by the bolt will receive heavy damage, and if they touch the tree, they will also receive damage. Disappears in 2 seconds.
3) A normal apple tree will grow, grow apples, then drop them. Enemies beneath the tree will receive heavy damage. Disappears immediately.
Up-B: Applejack tosses her rope upward. Will grab ledges and immediately bring her to them. Will also grab airborne enemies and bring them down hard.

Final Smash: The Smash Ball has awakened Applejack's inner earth pony magic! Giant apples rain from the sky and deal enormous damage to any enemies they hit.
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This sounds like something that should've been on Fighting is Magic or Super Smash Ponies
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Nice look at all the apples.
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My ideas for Final Smashes:

Twilight's Final Smash ~ Alicorn Power: Twilight shoots a giant horizontal beam of energy out of her horn, like the one she uses in her fight against Tirek.

Dashie's Final Smash ~ Sonic Rainbomb: Dashie flies high into the sky, then comes down, creating a rainbow colored explosion as she creates a Sonic Rainboom at ground level.

Rarity's Final Smash ~ Inspiration Manifestation: Rarity draws a spellbook as her eyes glow green, and she casts a green spell on the area in front of her. Anyone caught in the spell's area gets a dress stuck on her, then Rarity adds more and more dresses on top until the fighter can't take it anymore and explodes, being knocked upward.

Fluttershy's Final Smash ~ Assertiveness: Fluttershy screams "You, big, dumb, MEANIE!" and she receives a buff in strength and speed. She can't be damaged at all during this buff.

For some reason I can't think of anything for AJ and Pinkie. :/

Also, good comic. ^_^
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i want to see all of there final smashes nowLa la la la 
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Would make for some nice animations :)
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Party Hard! 
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At least she can make a lot of apple products... :XD:
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Do the other mane 6 final smash !
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The very power of the elements of harmony put together would be the final smash.

Also, those apples should have launched Rainbow Dash. WHERE'S THE RAINBOOM?
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Dear tia my firends and I were discussing this last week after seeing rainbow rocks. Twi would absorb the princesses power and use those ober beams, Pie would pull out her party cannon and launch an enemy of into the distance, Dash would sonic rainboom, Aj would just bouck everypony in a random direction, shy would stare to cause others to become paralyzed then go bat and bite enemies, Rare would go go nightmare and encase enemies in diamonds that do damage over time then crack and explode sending the trapped flying, tia would send the stage into the sun hurting all but her, lulu would drop the moon on the stage, cadence would use love to send her enemies throwing themselves off the stage, armor would summon a magic armor that does damage upon touch, derpy'd drop packages, vynal and octy would both have a unique music smash.... that's only the beginning.
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glad you like them
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So broken. Needs nerfed.
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Haha :D
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That's one way to get the apples down fast. ;)
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Pinkie Pie's Final Smash should be sort of like the Nintendog's where she exits the stage & plays her instruments from 'Swarm of the Century' in 'front of the screen while Parasprites swarm the stage.

RD's Final Smash should be her performing a Sonic Rainboom into the sky offscreen & then Rainbow Bolts strike the area in a random fashion before RD returns Smashing into the ground releasing one final explosion of bolts~

Twilight's should be a Spell that causes random effects to all the players.  Maybe one shrinks, maybe one's damage % is suddenly 300, maybe one freezes etc.

Fluttershy does the stare which needs to be done point blank to the opponet, but sends them instantly, characters farther off or not facing her receive minor damage and a slight knockback

Lastly Rarity's Final Smash involves her pulling out a giant gem & calling on 'Spikey Wikey' to help, summoning the godzilla sized spike to fly dow and smash onto the stage, taking the gem & then flying off~
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