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Maud Skills

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Someone has to save Equestria from the onslaught of colorful blocks :)

MLP FiM, Mane Six, and Maud Pie copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME writers ;)

Mr.Driller copyright Namco

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Maud seems like she would really enjoy Dig Dug. Fun old game. 
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Sel-DioraStudent Traditional Artist
haha, nice
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LillyGenevaStudent Filmographer
You maud bro?
Superjustinbros's avatar
SuperjustinbrosHobbyist Digital Artist
Better make sure to keep grabbing Air, Maud!
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I just love, love, LOVE 8-bit theatre comics!
Sc3chCintr0n's avatar
Sc3chCintr0nHobbyist Traditional Artist
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That title, I actually thought of that too. lol
Superpotatohero1337's avatar
Great comic man.Also,maud comics rock.(you see what i did there?
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The writers aren't from Hasbro, they're Studio DHX, under employ by Hasbro. Hasbro just tells them to make it toyetic and writes the check, so they can cash a check that's 15x bigger later.

Fuck Hasbro!
Hooray for DHX!
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KarkavaHobbyist Digital Artist
I got word that Hasbro has taken down the button mash videos under "copyright infringement"! Screw them! Screw them! Screw those moneybags with their heads that they deliberately shove up their own asses!
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
*yay* Mr. Driller!
The PS1 version is very fun, except for the LOUD background music that startles you at the menu screens
tigreanpony's avatar
Yes that was great.
muffyderp's avatar
I'm sorry, I'm just here to comment on how the obstacle course wheel-like-thingy in the background looks like a slice of green lime that was too ripe. Or, a very deep green slice of orange.
Other than then, cute comic. Nice work, keep it up!
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Unlike Dig-Dug, Maud doesn't need a air hose to buy out her opponents. She'll do it with her DAMN BARE HOOVES! :D
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RedtriangleStudent Digital Artist
Hey I've seen this video game before. :)
JWHarris's avatar
That... would be great actually.  My suggestion for a special power (all Mr. Driller characters have a special power) is able to drill through X blocks in two hits instead of five.
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3 ROCK ON MAUD!!!
Yordna's avatar
Ermagerd Mr. Driller.

I've only played the DS game way back when and it was one of my favorite games yo
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Masterluigi452Student Artist
For a second, I thought it was a reference to Super Puzzle Platformer Delux.
ShonenJump4eva's avatar
Maud:  Also Dig Dug.
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Smbzoo448Hobbyist Photographer
Maud used Rock Smash!
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Cool, shes mr drillers apprentice.
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YesImDeadpool General Artist
Practice on rocks for how long?
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