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Makin' It Rain

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Published: October 21, 2013
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Fluttershy: "Your suppose to be NICE to my friends, Discord."

Discord: "I just thought poor Applejack was in need of a drink, that is all my dear Fluttershy."

Fluttershy should also be careful what she sings with her new Chaotic friend around ;)

MLP: FiM, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Discord copyright Faust and Hasbro

Legend of Zelda and the Song of Storms belongs to Nintendo

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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
TBeen spending too much time on Oot again Flutters? XD Great work.
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GhostBoy1331Hobbyist Artist
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zora-artistStudent Digital Artist
discord is really very funny!
chocolate rain doenst hurt anyone X3 lol
great cmic!
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When I looked at the musical notes, I realized they looked to be in a familiar pattern, even without bars.
Then I realized. And I started whistling it. And it started to rain…
And then my suspicions were confirmed.
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EnderdragonfarmyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it just me or does no one notice that Discord completely disappears after Keep Calm and Flutter On? Not even in the last episode?
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Well he pretty much completely disappeared between Return of Harmony pt2 and Keep Calm and Flutter On, which are in two separate seasons. Part of keeping the show episodic in nature, rather than having a higher story arc to follow, requires that episodes with a definite chronological order for the sake of continuity be spread out enough that they don't contradict one another no matter what order they end up airing in during the same season, so it's easier to split them into seperate seasons, especially when it comes to having a guest VA like DeLancie.

I'm more concerned that we haven't seen Pip since Nightmare Night.
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EnderdragonfarmyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'll pretend I understand that.
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MuddyFudgerHobbyist General Artist
I thought applejack liked chocolate milk...
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frozenfish696Hobbyist Digital Artist
♪ Ă▲  Ă▲ 
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How do you make these?
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Every single time I see someone yelling Discord's name in disapproval, I imagine OdysseyEurobeat's Discord music.
Team-Friction's avatar
Howlin' at the moon?
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
He made it rain, made it rain, made it rain on dem gurlz :D
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At least make some glasses when you do that! I mean, just look at all that awesome chocolate milk going to waste!
Centaur71's avatar
Dischord in 8-bit theatre? TOTALLY DIPPED IN AWSOME SAUCE!!!
Sharpfang's avatar
Applejack should applebuck some apples now.
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
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lol go figure Discord would do that.
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It should've been named "Chocolate Rain". Maybe Applejack should bring a mug next time. :XD:
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Makin' It Rain, huh ? Not the first comic with this name :iconppsexfaceplz:
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She's just jealous cause Discord got to be the tree.
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