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Luna's Falling Stars [FLASH GAME]



Now available on Google Play as FSaFS (Falling Stars a Fox's Story):

Google Play Link

Journal Entry with Details

ANDROID VERSION zztfox.deviantart.com/art/Luna…


Update 0.1

-Added Better Pause function

      -Click to pause, then click on Luna to unpause

-Celestia mode now shows its own High Score when chosen (on Title Screen)

-Lots of bug fixes I cannot even begin to list ;)

Scores may be reset due to pausing breaking the game in an earlier release


Sorry for the the delay guys.

My next game is DONE. thank you for you patience  :)


One night, the stars decided to fall.

Luna decided they were NOT!

Use the mouse to move Luna, knock back stars, and dodge meteors.

Chain stars without miss to increase your combo Multiplier

Max out the Multiplier to gain POWER UPS!


MLP: FiM copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME WRITERS :)
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I keep failing from the meteors.
I played twice and lost 1 star.