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Graveyard Shift

By Zztfox
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Trixie: "Sooo..., What other webs of mischief shall we weave?"

Luna: "Thou are to assist us next in scaring our Sister silly!

Trixie: "You mean the one with a bad temper AND Super Solar Fiery Powers?"

Luna: "That would be correct."

Trixie: "Trixie has a sudden urge to decline..."

*Trixie runs, but is stopped short after tripping on a random loose wheel*


Happy (Late) Halloween and Nightmare Night, guys!

Any scary stories (Safe for Woona) you want to share?

MLP:FiM copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME writers :)
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Pinkie winks at us in the 3rd panel...
Blackvegetable's avatar
The fun with pixelated ponies! :rofl:
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I don't care if it was for the best prank in the world, no way in hell would I let anyone bury me alive for any length of time.
Centaur71's avatar
EPIC!!! I wish I had thought of that gag...
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Tis was a good comic indeed WE aprove of thee.
tigreanpony's avatar
lol, that was good
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Those pixels are beautiful... Brings back memories.
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Well, at least Trixie got some payback... :XD:
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How do you pixelised the comic I wanna know cause I want to do with art with it! :D
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ZztfoxHobbyist Digital Artist
Using GIMP 2.0, start as small as possible, like 100 x 100 pixels for panels.

Then upscale it about 4 times (so 100 = 400) WITHOUT antiasling.

Hope that helps :)
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Ok, thank you, now I'll need some tutorial for now... THANK THOU!
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Trixie and Luna together. This pleases me.
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Castlevania done right!
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Curse you wheel!!!!!!!
Trixie          Rainbow bullet (Clockwise) 
              *What did I do?*
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Aww mother daughter bonding 
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It's pictures like this that make me wish Trixie was Luna's dughter.
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Maker-MagicHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wheels are the mortal enemy of all ponies!
Especially Trixie for some reason.
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BB-KHobbyist Writer
Lol, they really know how to prank the others. :XD:
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XD Nice!!!!
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Sel-DioraStudent Traditional Artist
lol, funny
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MasterVuleHobbyist Digital Artist
haha good one :D
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Dammit, Trixie!
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