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Twilight: "Spike..."

Spike: "OK, so all we have to do is catch all these little creature, then we can go home!"

Twilght: "How MANY of those "little creatures"?"

Spike: "Oh, just 150."

Twilight: "....."

Twilight should really monitor just WHAT Spike is buying form all these shops in Canterlot :)

MLP: FiM, Twilight Sparkle, and Spike copyright Faust and Hasbro

Pokemon and Gameboy copyright Nintendo

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Omg hate it
SilverSpark422's avatar
Given how many Pokémon require trading between versions to catch or evolve, they're trapped forever.
GhostBoy1331's avatar
GhostBoy1331Hobbyist Artist
ShadowPen448's avatar
now I want that gameboy
yemto's avatar
yemtoHobbyist Digital Artist
Good thing it wasn't X or Y 
perriwing's avatar
Lemme guess, from enchanted retro consoles shop? Spike, you're so smart. This was clearly an elaborate ploy, so he can say, twilight, I choose you!
ChaosDrgon's avatar
I have a sudden urge to see if a pokeball would work on Twilight.
archzer0's avatar
you fool, we're up to 64. speaking of whic. how is someone supposed to get all 64, some are event only
derrickmac1's avatar
Don't you mean 151 including the Mew Glitch?
PinkiePieHime's avatar
PinkiePieHimeHobbyist Artist
how is that a pokemon?
derrickmac1's avatar
Its real I tested on an emulator and in actual game and I have a Mew #151
Karkava's avatar
KarkavaHobbyist Digital Artist
I thought you meant the Missing No. glitch?
derrickmac1's avatar
nope, If you want I can tell you how to get mew in Red/Blue/Yellow
Gareath8's avatar
Gareath8Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think this is everyone"s (whose ever played Pokemon) dream.
Yourmove17's avatar
It's going to be fun watching them figure out how to get mew.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh yes that was funny I wonder what they would do, is Twilight taking the place of Picachu if so Spike wouldn't need any more Pokemon to become the best.
MasterChief01's avatar
More like monitoring where he shops.  Hey, at least he wasn't playing Pokemon Y/X.  Imagine having to get 715 of the little bastards.
Centaur71's avatar
MasterChief01's avatar
There ARE worse games to get sucked into.

Contra, Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., or if the gods are really mean, an LJN game.
qwerty2999's avatar
Twi, just be glad it's NOT X and/or Y, where it's like almost 600 of them. lol
J-AxT13's avatar
J-AxT13 General Artist
Twilight should keep him off the enchanted section
mlpfim456's avatar
mlpfim456Student Digital Artist
they look like they are in lavender town in the last panal
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