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Published: October 20, 2012
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Luna one ups Amaterasu at her own game :)

With the whole sun and moon thing, it makes you wonder if any of the writers of MLP:FiM played Okami!

MLP:FiM and Luna belong to Faust and Hasbro

Okami and Amaterasu belong to Capcom and Clover

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Poor Ammy
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Like this:

Luna: Yay Eclipse!

Ammy: *Surprised* (Think: Day of Darkness... -_-)

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i love both ^.^
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Best Game + Best Princess = HELL YEAH THAT'S AWESOME. :D
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Best game. Best princess. Enough said.
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Definitely best game :)
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I wanna play Okami...
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Hey Luna,you just made the day of darkness come early.
lol jk
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Ahhhh, this is cool.
When I first saw the character in front of Luna I was like, "An OC of some sort?" Then I saw the pixels hovering above its back and I was like, "! ...Amaterasu! :heart:"
Love the incorporation of the two that you put here. =D
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Heh, for some reason, this makes me think Amaterasu and Luna would make good friends.
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My two favorite characters...
Oh jesus...
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Both which seem to get overshadowed too often in my opinion...
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Glad you like it :)
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The sun an moon thing as well as the siblings being connected to them also relates to Kamen Rider Black (and Kamen Rider Black RX) because the lead character, Kotaro has the nickname "Black Sun" from the main villains and his stepbrother is Shadow Moon.

When I brought it on henshin justice unlimited, they said Kamen Rider Agito is also somehow related to FiM but I haven't seen it or researched it yet...

I made this funny little audioswap based on the connection between FiM and Kamen Rider Black (RX): [link]
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YES, I need to get Okami again.
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They are making an HD version for PS3 if you have access to one :)
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I have a PS3, But i already bought it for Wii because i used to have it and COULD NOT RESIST RE-BUYING IT IN THE SLIGHTEST. I also re-bought Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Viewtiful Joe, I used to have them and, In the same manner as above, Could not resist re-buying them. In the slightest. Huh, I just said re-buying three times in one sentence. I should probably shut up now, I've rambled on long enough.
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