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Dropping the Hammer

By Zztfox
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Spike: "Did you steal that Gavel from the Rainbow Falls Trader Exchange?

Twilight: "You can't prove that, Spike!"

Spike: "So..., what exactly am I BANNED from?"

Twilight: "The Castle of the Two Sisters Library, of course!"

Spike: "Awww, who cares about some dusty old castle library."

Twilight: "Where you left ALL your comics books, by the way."


Give a pony princess administrative privileges and it goes straight to her head, every single time :) 

MLP: FiM, Princesses Twilight, Luna, and Cadance, Spike, and Owlowiscious copyright Hasbro and its AWESOME writers ;)

Wildfire belongs to Sibsy

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:icondrhaxplz::iconsaysplz:YOU STOLE MY BANHAMMER!
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TheStaticStalkerHobbyist General Artist
Twilight: :icondrhax-plz:
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Twilight: Ugh... Spike! You really need to learn to not use dark magic anymore.

Spike: I'm speaking my mind now. And I think I need a reward!

Twilight: What are you-?

Spike: So can I have reconz?

Twilight *rage rising to the point that the world goes red* YOU! CAN! NOT! HAZ! RECONZ! BANHAMMER! BANHAMMER!
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Lol, I like the ban hammer, lol
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The rainbow BANHAMMER, in all its magical glory. :XD:
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Silly spike,you can't give someone powers to manipulate reality. 
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"Hey Puppet Pal Spike..."
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"What is it, puppet Pal Twilight?"
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Glitch-SketchHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Can you guess what day it is?"
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"Uh, is it Bonk Day?"
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Glitch-SketchHobbyist Traditional Artist
"*Spy voice* NO!"

:iconspyplz: *undisguises* Is Backstab day! *backstab*
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Glitch-SketchHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconspyplz: ... *Ambassador headshot* Not our finest moment.
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:O You don't know Dexter's Laboratory?!
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Didn't I just reference it?
Starcraft-Nut's avatar
Whoops, sorry. Misread the post. ^^;
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"And this is the Realm of Ban Banner!"

*Banning since 1890*
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The Ban hammer was spoken! Time to change game!
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yemtoHobbyist Digital Artist
The 2nd panel reminds me of one episode in ducktales where someone stole a golden duck, which turned anything into gold after someone said "gold", and then tapped any object with it's beak. Eventually the Gold started to spread through the whole world, just like in that panel.
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I remember those episodes they were some of the few where Glomgold was actually willing to work along with Scrooge. Granted it was to save his own hide but it was a nice change of pace. Plus the ending was very suspenseful. 
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yemtoHobbyist Digital Artist
Yepp, one of the best episodes in my opinion ^^
I should try to find them in the pile of old VHS tapes I have... if the VHS player still works :S
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Granted it might have just been 3 episodes just shown back to back can't really remember but those were my favorite ones to watch as a kid.
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I remember owning this one Ducktales movie where it told the origin of Gizmoduck. Wish I could find that one because that one was brilliant.
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