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Published: April 21, 2013
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EDIT: Music for Spring Valley, cause someone brought it up ;)


Who would have thought Scootaloo would possess the Red Ideya of Courage?

At least she finally learned to fly...

...in her dreams ;)

MLP FiM, Scootaloo, and Luna copyright Faust and Hasbro

NiGHTs: Into Dreams copyright SEGA and Sonic Team

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Comments (35)
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NiGHTS crossover... nice.
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Myahster|Hobbyist General Artist
Even for a couple of pixels, the RD doll in the first panel is adorable.
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Wilson8787's avatar
More pixelated goodness? Yes please :)
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SuperMarioMaster170's avatar
SuperMarioMaster170|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww Thats cute
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Centaur71's avatar
dreams can...and sometimes do, come true. Little Scooty WILL fly for real someday
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alphaboy202's avatar
dawww... I love your 8-bit art style ! I am going to watch you.
everyone else should too.
also you were featured on EQD : [link]
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zaiali's avatar
Luna is awesome.
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seatsea's avatar
DAT reference to NiGHTS (thanks sonic and all stars racing transfomed)
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ZaelleLexil's avatar
NiGHTS and ponies. /)3(\
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sonic500's avatar
NiGHTs refrence?
You my good sir, kick ass :)
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Helsaabi's avatar
I remember I'm played Sonic adventure for dremcast when i saw cameo nights. ^^
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K4nK4n's avatar
This is so adorable! Nicely done.
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Infinite-Scratch's avatar
i was thinking nights when i saw it :D
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Emaldon7's avatar
Great work!
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Rozgar's avatar
This is amazing. NiGHTs: Into Dreams was one of the best games in my childhood. To see Luna in it is just amazing. You should do more!!
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Zztfox's avatar
Zztfox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
As long as I can keep thinking of them, I will ;)

I am also up for any suggestions you guys have :)
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MasterChief01's avatar
There's so many suggestions! SOOOOOO many suggestions!

Resident Evil, a pony pops up in Mr. X's trench from RE2 only to have Rarity do makeover the poor creature to have Claire's alternate costume, for example.

Or perhaps a Punch-Out tribute with Twi and one of our beloved villains...
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Zztfox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I could not think of a good angle for one of JILL's alternate costumes, so have one with Leon's instead :)

Thanks for the inspiration!
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SuperChaosKG's avatar
Trixie. It's only fitting. You know it.
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xargos32's avatar
Claris and Elliot could fly in their dreams, so I would be a little worried if Scootaloo couldn't.

I should either try to find out where my Sega Saturn went or get the PC version of NiGHTS into Dreams from Steam.
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