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Day Dreams

By Zztfox
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Meanwhile at the Golden Oaks Library....

Apple Bloom: "Hiya, Twilight!"

Scootaloo: "Hey, Twilight!"

Sweetie Belle: "Twilight, we where wondering if you had any reading material on Dream Magic? Like what  Princess Luna uses?"

Twilight: "Sure! Let me see..."

~Moments later.~

Twilight: "SPIKE! Where are all the books on Dream Magic?!"

Spike: "Princess Luna flew in earlier in a panic yelling "NONONONO!!" and confiscated them all."

So much for Cutie Mark Crusaders Dream Walkers ;)

MLP FiM, Princesses Twilight, Luna, and Celestia, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom copyright Hasbro annd its AWESOME writers :)

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spottedstar1123Hobbyist Artist
moar moon butts are good
xargos32's avatar
The CMC are adorable, but I can't say I blame Luna for her reaction. CMC Dream Walkers? That's just scary!
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BrightsideJames's avatar
Premonition for the win
templar127's avatar
Luna has seen it all!
Helpme1996's avatar
Wish that there was a way to contact her in this world. Really need help dealing with how I see cute beautiful creatures like her in my own unflattering way.
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was funny.
TheUnknownP's avatar
Oh no, Cutie mark nightmare crusader's.
AJR001's avatar
Cutie Mark Crusaders dream walkers... Well, time to open up my counseling business. :XD:
Sturmlion1's avatar
A dream to some, a NIGHTMARE TO OTHERS!!!!
Superpotatohero1337's avatar
Silly luna,you sould have asked for sweets.
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night-shadow7Hobbyist Artist
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FlexicoHobbyist Traditional Artist
The description was even better than the comic. XD
zaiali's avatar
Oh tis a nightmare indeed. 
useraccount's avatar
This is actually a very possible nightmare Luna could have.  She probably has a massive inferiority complex due to learning her older sister managed to rule Equestria well enough without her (and for 1000 years, too!)  She's afraid that somepony would probably be better at dreamwalking too.
whitescar's avatar
"Can you believe someponies don't even have their cutie-marks yet? Well learned our talents last week in that explosion..."

Why am I reminded of this?
ponys321's avatar
ponys321Hobbyist Digital Artist
YesImDeadpool's avatar
YesImDeadpool General Artist
Some books are too dangerous for public eyes. XD
GUILLE832's avatar
I wonder what Luna dreams can be... Great comic by the way, i adore this pixel art of yours :XD:
Helpme1996's avatar
Hearing that any of those dreams are her as a skunk would make me happy.
BB-K's avatar
BB-KHobbyist Writer
Lol, unsurprising. :lol:
tamalesyatole's avatar
tamalesyatoleHobbyist General Artist
BUT WAIT! If that was real, well... that was real (duh). But if it was a dream, IT STILL CAN BE REAL!! 
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
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