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Vader vs Batman

Drew this about a year ago, maybe 18 months. Not sure why I forgot to post it here. But I came across it while going through some older work and thought I'd put it in my gallery here. 
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Unfortunately, that's not how they work, since Dooku tried it with grievous... but if it did work, this would be awesome. : D
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Could Batman really surpass the force?
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Well that's the problem with the whole midichlorian debacle in a nutshell isn't it? If it's just microbes in your blood, they should theoretically be able to be transferred via blood transfusion. Hypothetically speaking, there's no reason the Jedi shouldn't be able to fill out their ranks to anyone they want. And why not get Anakin to donate some blood to everyone else so they can be amazing pilots and force weilders as well, right? I mean if it has a count, it can be depleted or increased in theory. 

I want to go back to when The Force was just a cool zen thing like the orig trig
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I feel like I have seen this before. Me likey
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It's possible. I tend to show my work off as many places as possible. 
It's also possible you saw the Batman v Vader video that was making the rounds a few years back and maybe they melded in your mind. I do that a lot. 
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)
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I don't think I have seen the video?
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It's worth a look. This channel called BatInTheSun does a series called Super Hero Beatdown. They've done all kinds of fights. Master Chief vs Captain America, Ryu vs Scorpion, Tommy the Green Ranger (with Jason David Frank reprising his role) vs a few characters. It's good stuff. Think "Death Battle" but done in Live Action. 

Here is a link if you'd like to check it out:…
And here's the alternate ending if you disagree with the first:…
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I have seen it I just completely forgotten about it and that channel. Just subscribed after your link
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Batman is now unstoppable -nod nods-
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Now all he needs is GL's Power Ring, combined with the Force and his natural Batmanliness, and the world will pretty much end. The Big Crunch is upon us. :P
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Well, that's Batman for ya, studies his opponents, figure a weak point, then uses it. Awesome Work.
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wow, his belt does hold everything
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Hey i remember this
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Batman sure did FORCE Vader to surrender
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LOLz hmmm super-batman.
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*Palpatine ..god dammit
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I think it's absolutely fabulous. Batman holds enough hate to even take out Emperor Palpatie, let alone just Vader. The hate is strong with this one.
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