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Jawbreakers Animated

I thought it would be fun to take Richard C. Myers Jawbreakers characters, and see what they'd look like in a Bruce Timm style. Now, obviously I can't stand toe to toe with someone as iconic as Bruce Timm, but here is my best homage. I hope he doesn't hate it if he ever makes his way here. 
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Having kept an eye on Richard C. Myers rise to fame (or infamy depending on who you ask), seeing Jawbreakers characters getting fanart is a pleasing sight.

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I give the guy a lot of credit on these books. I genuinely enjoy them. I think the characters are fun.

Thanks for the comment!


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Didn’t think I’d see fanart of Ya boi! Za is Jawbreaker on deviantart. Nicely done.

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Jawbreakers are about the only comics I get excited for anymore. I won't pretend they are the best thing that has ever been printed or whatever, but I really dig them!


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lolz justice league pose style.
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Yeah, it's an homage to the Bruce Timm style found in the DC animated universe. It's all original drawings, but I did base it 100% on the poses and style from the JLU disc box art.

I hope this didn't seem like I was trying to hide that fact.

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No there's no hiding you did well.
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I dunno, It looks pretty good. Makes me think of that tidal wave of super crime-fighting team Saturday morning toons that came out during my teen years in the late 1980s!

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