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Jason Voorhees Demon form


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I figure that when Jason Goes to Hell, he gets an upgrade. 
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love you jason works, there cool this is my jason ,friday the 13th jacket i made

Friday The 13TH JASON VOORHEES Jacket
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That is so metal.


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Awesome job and I actually like Jason goes to hell 
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I would never fault the fans who didn't respond well to Jason Goes To Hell. It's certainly a strange departure from all that came before it. But I think that's kinda why I dig it. It's very silly, but I still like it. And Creighton Duke was just the absolute greatest! I'm shocked no one really did a professional "Jason Hunter" before him. I mean, maybe Rob from part 4 was kinda hunting Jason? But that was personal. To avenge a fallen sibling. The Duke just seemed to be as nuts as Jason but with a better handle on how to capitalize on his crazy. I dig that. 
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I love it when Jason gets an upgrade 😈😈😈. Love this! 💖💖💖
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Yeah, it's always a lot of fun to imagine new incarnations of ol' Jason. 
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osheet. protect de kids mummy D:
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Holy CRAP!!! I've always seen Jason Voorhies as a sympathetic if not downright TRAGIC villain! But THIS makes him seem much more terrifying!
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