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Jason Voorhees

Haven't drawn Jason in a while. Thought it was high time I did. Hope you dig it. 
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wicked totally dig it
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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. Cheers! 
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Even though he's not my favorite horror villian, you make him look epic here. Keep at it Zombie!

(By the way, did Stuntmutt ever get Recon after JAHC #70? Just a question that bugs me.)
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That's kind of you, thanks for the vote of confidence. 

I'm not sure if Bungie ever awarded Stuntmutt or not. We were friends in passing, but only really ever talked about stuff when we'd work together. As much as I admire him and loved One-One-Se7en, it'd be overselling it to call us actual friends outside of an occasional team-up comic strip. We were one one another's Xbox Live Friend list, but I can't recall if we ever actually played an actual match together or not. I was always too busy drawing the strip back then to play very much. 

I'd always clear it with him before I'd use his name or the likeness of his version of Chief or whatever of course. I never wanted to make someone think I was being disrespectful of them or their work. 
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I was just curious... Thanks for the response anyways.

That explosion must've been grand though. ; )
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