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Jason Vegafield

Not a lot needs to be said about this one. 
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The master is back! Nice work by the way. I've always wanted to see the fat cat get decapitated.
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I've missed doing Jason fan art. My plan on this past Friday the 13th was to do a day long art stream on Twitch, but I had commissions piling up and just couldn't give it the time. 
Not that I'm complaining mind you. It's always nice to have customers. :)
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Well, you're very welcome! Also... I have a question to ask.

I've been creating a comic series called HeartJacked for awhile, and it's nearing it's end. In the last couple of strips, Nex (A Male Ruutian) and Yuan 'Nanee (A Female Sangheili) get married, and I was wondering if the Another Halo Comic Strip incarnation of Thel 'Vadam could make a cameo, congratulating the protagonists on their marriage.
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Well it's not like the character belongs to me or anything. But if you're asking if I'd mind, of course not. I'd be honored to see a nod to the old strip. Cheers! 
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Sweet! I'll draw up the panels, and you can add the AHCS Arbiter in the space provided. will I send you the files, though? G-Mail?
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Ah. I misunderstood what you where asking me. I thought you were wanting to "borrow the style" or maybe trace it off of an old comic or something like that. I didn't realize you were asking me to contribute new original art for your piece. 
Why don't you shoot me DM, we can discus it further that way. 
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"Shoot you DM."
...I'm not sure I follow. I've seen the acronym tossed around a lot, but I don't know what it means.
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A Direct Message. I guess it's called "NOTE" here on Deviant Art. Or feel free to hit me up on Twitter, I have open DMs there as well (ZZoMBiE13).
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LOL, this reminded me of a Robot Chicken skit where Scooby Doo and the gang went to investigate Camp Crystal Lake and ran into Jason!
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That was a good one!
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