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Halo REACH Tutor

There's this guy on YouTube who posts videos of his gameplay footage from REACH along with some helpful tips on teamwork, map control, techniques, etc. And his channel is called "Halo REACH Tutor". I thought it was pretty clever and it got me inspired, so I made this. His vids are pretty helpful too, if you're interested in that sort of thing, search him out and watch. :)
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Hyper-Lethal and How to Reach It.
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Heh, nice. Love the pun. ;)
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Teabag theory. Yes.
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Today's lesson:

How to troll with armor lock.
i wish halo reach tutor still made videos :(
sevenBug's avatar to shoot some Grunts in there faces!
You should also check out, "Halo Teach". In which a guy with a master chief mask teaches the history, strategies and outcomes of famous historical battles. Its actually not bad!
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Sounds cool. Do you have a link?
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That's cool. Thanks. :)
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you COULD just give us a link
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Today's Lesson is T-BAGGING BRO!!!!
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Today's lesson: How to glass a planet
today's lesson: how to kill the juggernaut...
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i realy want to have that teacher.

me and my bad english
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These, son, are grunts... Just shoot a couple bullets and they'll go flying down...
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Very impressive! Really!
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LOL middle book "teabag theory" XD
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I want to learn :picknose:
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Todays lesson, the fall of reach
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LOL Teabag theory? XD
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