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Freddy and Jason -Sam Keith Style-

Going back to the well here. One of my favorite drawings that I've ever done was the Jason with the Sam Keith style. It was one of the first pieces I posted here on DA oh so long ago and it remains one of the most faved of all my pieces.

I always wanted to go back and try that style again. Sam Keith remains one of my all time favorite comic book artists and adding Freddy into the mix as well as a slight bit of comedy made this one a real treat to make.

So in honor of this day of our Lord; Friday, April the 13th, Two thousand and Twelve, I offer this to the people who visit my portfolio. I hope you enjoy it.
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More like "Boop"! LOL
Freddy is so screwed! Jason took his Maxx/Hulk serum prior to the rematch!
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Yeah, I always liked the idea of a Jason who just blocked out the moon when you looked up at him. Hulk Jason, Maxx Jason, all really works for me. Plus I'm such a huge fan of Maxx's creator Sam Keith that I love trying to borrow bits from his amazing style. 

Cheers! (and thanks for all the nice comments!)
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This hard👁😈🔥✍ 
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I love how Freddy just doesn't seem to give a damn. He's just trolling Jason like he was nothing. =D
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Freddy stop poking that tree- HOLY FUCK NEVERMIND!
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You might not know this but Sam Kieth HAS drawn Freddy in the past, I mean in the end of issue 2 of Marvel's "Nightmares on Elm Street" comic magazine, Keith has drawn this! [link] Sorry if the image isn't good but there you go!
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I did not know that. Thanks. :)
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[link] Someone colorized said image of Sam Keith's Freddy pic.
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Oh, Freddy, you picked the wrong man to mess with.
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Awesome. Just. Freakin. Awesome.
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Happy Friday the 13th!
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And a happy happy Friday the 13th to you new friend! :)
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