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Elite Assassination

Another pen and paper drawing photographed and uploaded through Instagram.
I really need to get the scanner set up. But in the interim, this will have to do.
This is not a direct armor set. The helmet is modeled after the EVA from both Reach and Halo 4 kinda smooshed together. Same with the Elite's armor. This aren't direct game perfect models. And apparently I'll never be able to do that with the Halo 4 armors since you can't watch Campaign films or even Spartan Ops films in the Theater mode in Halo 4. Of all the curious omissions in Halo 4, that is the one I understand the least. It'd be different if the last 3 games hadn't had the option, but they did. And as an artist who is pretty well known for making Halo fan art, this is personally damaging. I don't do this for money. I do it because I enjoy the universe of Halo. And I feel an outlet for that has been removed for no reason other than to limit myself and those like me.
I really like your game 343. I truly do. But the things around the periphery of it are perplexing.
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poor elite.....

that spartan looks like iron man on the face area.... O_O
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Oh no! O,O kill him, elite! Kill him before the human kills you!
Lolz x3 nice job
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yeah i feel you about the theater mode, i hope they do fix it soon
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I guess the best you can do is do it in Multiplayer or custom games, I agree it's really odd that you can't watch videos of those modes.
I was really hoping they'd get rid of that stupid "one person in theater only" rule that Reach instated, but I guess not.

Still, looks pretty excellent!
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I actually don't mind the one person in theater mode thing that much. I just want to watch MY Spartan with MY colors do some groovy stuff. And since they've all but done away with FFA, the options are pretty limited.

Also thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. :)
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Wait, they got rid of FFA? How the heck does that work?
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It's there, it's just very slim pickings right now. The only "out of the box" FFA mode was Regicide. Which is fun in it's own way, but there's no Lone Wolves FFA. It's almost all team based.

They've been rotating new modes in and out since launch though. So I expect we'll eventually see more FFA modes. Or at least I hope we will. Team stuff if fun, but sometimes I just wanna grab a ghost and go apeshit without having to worry if I'm bumping team mates.
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Oh, I hear you on that last part — getting splatter mastery for the Verdant Visor is going to be a pain enough as it is, the last thing I want to worry about is betrayals!
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This is the art that I miss since a long time ;p
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Now that is great man, I like the combo of Reach and 4 EVA. The armor sets on both your spartan and the elite minor are well lined and it actually looks like the actual assassination.
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Thanks a bunch. :)
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I'm sure they'll release a patch for it soon. i heard from somewhere (i disremember where) that there were rendering issues wit theater mode at the time of release so they omitted it for the time being... dont quote me on that, though :/
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I really hope you're right. Campaign and Firefight screens were some of the most fun I had with Halos 3-Reach.
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lack of firefight was another disappointment :(
The campaign was one of the best I've played in a long time (for any game) It was visually stunning, and the story made made my stomach twist in knots at parts. Also the legendary ending made me giggle like a 13-year-old schoolgirl (my halo fanatic is showing now XD) Certain things that they decided to do for multiplayer, however, made me tear up with frustration. I bet you could guess the list :/
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I enjoy the multiplayer for whatever it is. As long as it feels like Halo (to me), that is good enough. I'm not a high level player though. And I can certainly understand the complaints that many high level players have, even though I don't personally share them.

Firefight was curious. At first I though Spartan Ops was a logical evolution of the model. Adding in a bit of narrative to give it weight. But then my internet went out one night and I lost access to it completely. So yeah, SO is no Firefight mode, not by a damn sight. And it doesn't help that we keep revisiting the same locations over and over.

This is, it's all fun and well made. What is there, is great. It's just the missing bits that are confounding.
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that was one of my grievances. You cant do anything if you dont have Live gold. I have siiver, and i couldnt do anything at all. pissed me off.
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I hear ya. My cousin (and I realize this is hard to believe in 2012) has NO internet at all. But he loves Halo and plays it with his Offline 360. Each game has had significant content available to all kinds of players up until now. Reach and ODST had campaigns with scoring and Firefight and theater and forge, same for 3 (minus FF), and the old games on the original Xbox had those great lengthy campaigns. But man, if you buy Halo 4 without an internet connection you are officially hosed. You get to run the story mode and that's it. I guess you can play in Forge or whatever. Run around in the empty MP maps. Oooh fun, am I right?
razgriz12991's avatar
Loads of fun. I just cant believe that would drop the ball so hard for shit like that. One of the things i hated about call of duty was the face=t you had to buy emblems. when that showed up in 4, i got sick. damn near physically sick. Ever since Halo 2, I've had either one of 2 logos and the same colors. The double crescent or the wolf. Crimson primary emblem, gold secondary with no background. Steel/black armor with gold secondary (and crimson when you could select a third) All of that ruined.
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Yeah man, I hear ya. I used some form of a flaming skull (sometimes green fire with a black skull, sometimes a green skull with lighter green fire, etc) since Halo 3 and in all the games since. It's just hard to call it a personal emblem when you have to get so far in the game before you can even use it.
I'm level 41 as of yesterday. As I get older I can play games less and less either for other obligations getting in the way or just achy old hands not letting me enjoy the experience. By the time I actually get my emblem the way I want it, I may be done with the game. I think it's lvl 44 before I get the final piece I need for "my" emblem. (the fire background)

I like unlocking armors as I go. I think it's a compelling way to make the multiplayer more fun and more personal through customization. But climbing up through a rank level only to get a background piece that I neither want nor need is more frustrating than rewarding. If they want to gate off emblems, there needs to be more agency on the players part. Maybe like the Cr system from Reach and I can just flat out buy the pieces I want instead of having shit like a soccer ball emblem as a "reward". I'm American, I don't give a shit about soccer! (no offense to my European brothers who love it.)
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