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Disney's MST3K

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In the new season of MST3K on Netflix, Kinga Forrester longs to sell-out the show to Disney. Which got me to wondering, what would that look like? Clearly, I had no choice but to draw it. 

Kinga is modeled after Belle
Jonah is modeled after Lefou
Crow T Robot is modeled after Pluto the dog
Tom Servo is modeled after Donald Duck
Cynthia the clone is modeled after the Fairy Godmother
Max is modeled after Percy the Dog from Pocahantas, but he already looked so much like Patton Oswalt that I barely had to change anything
And Gypsy is (very loosely) based on the snake from Jungle Book. And morphed into Princess Gypsy (because Disney)
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I Don't Think You Modelled Crow After Pluto O Think He Looks More Like He Was Modelled Of Scooby Doo
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Well, you're entitled to your opinion. Thanks for the feedback and all.
Joel Hodgson liked the way I did it, so I'm content in my feeling that I mostly pulled off what I was going for. 
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But Still It Looks Pretty Good I Love How You Made Max A Pug :D
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Yeah, that was fun to make. Thanks. :)
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TV's pet of TV's Frank? Lol
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kinga looks like princess belle
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