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Darth Voorhees

I decided to make my own Jason X and ended up giving him a laser machete. It wasn't a far cry to make the Star Wars reference. So with that in mind, I give you Darth Voorhees
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With strength, power, and immortality that can even rival the powers of the darkside and all Sith Lords in existence, Judgement Day for the eternal death of the darkside and the Sith in the unknown regions is coming soon.

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This is so sick I wish that Jason had a lightsaber Machete in the movie 
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The Sith will soon fear the terrors and the brutality of Jason Voorhees 
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Palpatine: Once more, the SITH will RULE the...

*Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma*

Palpatine:Oh shi-

*followed by a sound effect that can only be described as "SPLORCH"*
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Jason: Über Jason? That's adorable.
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From camp crystal lake, to Manhattan, to a space station, and now the whole galaxy will know the terror of Jason voorhes 
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Run for your life.
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I think I had a nerdgasm
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Even Darth Vader should start running now. :XD:
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Now that's a modified killer!!
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Like a friggin' boss! Got a Jason Voorhees drawing I'll be posting soon. Probably this Thursday if you're interested taking a look at it.
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Sure! Link me when you post it. :)
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I'LL GO GET :iconstarkillerplz:
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Darth Vader is a force to be reckoned with (no pun intended).
Jason Voorhees is an immortal killing machine.
Combine the two and hes truly unstoppable.
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I meant because Jason's last time in space went soooo well
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