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Another pen and paper piece. Used one of those silly metallic gel pens to draw in the shape of the sword and the Jackal's shield. Not my best idea. :P
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love this piece yo! 
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I wonder if we would ever be able to see the prometheans in your style :D
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I'm not the type to say "never" regarding anything. But I don't have any plans. I honestly don't like the Prometheans all that much.

But if I come up with a good joke regarding them, I may want to use one in a comic or something. We'll see I suppose. :)
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Nice :D so there's still some hope :la:
Thank you for your time and keep it up Dude :dance:
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Very nice. If only the Halo 4 models had been this gorgeous .. (And look at that Elite hunk! My my!) :)
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I actually like those silly metallic gel pens, maybe you could try colouring the shapes in with a lighter colour next time? I'm sure there are good ways to draw in colour with pens, I'm just not sure what those ways are! xD

Seriously though, these dudes are looking pretty badass, nice work!
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Whoa these are awesome
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Looks great, them covies are awesome.
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Cool! Is that storm covenant?
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I started looking at my H4 action figures or H4 game captures, but then added my own stuff from memory of past armors and just imagination and kinda made em... whatever. They are not any specific model.
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is that halo 4 style?
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A bit Halo 4, a bit of my own machinations. Most of these I started with a Halo 4 model and did some of it from memory/imagination/etc.
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personally i like the elite you drew. it was very intimidating
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