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Chief and Elite

My WACOM tablet has taken a turn for the worse and passed away. Yea, tho we mourn it's loss.

So while I wait for it to be shipped to the warranty repair depot, I've been doodling on paper like in the days of old.

This is a snapshot of a drawing I did on cardstock paper. Penciled and inked and then snapped with my phone camera and uploaded via Instagram.

Quality is not as sharp as the things I usually post, but I wanted to share it anyway.
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Go chief! smack some sense into him! No pun intended. or was it? LOL
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Smak? So MC bitch-slapped him?
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I tried drawing master chiefs helmet semi-side and its kinda tricky to get it looking right. 
you pulled it off great...good job bro!
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Yeah, all the angles can get tricky. Thankfully, I've played enough Halo to have it basically commited to memory! lol :)
I appreciate the encouragement. 
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No problemo dude! 
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well as long this is the covenant remnant and not the separatist that he punched im totally A-okay
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I miss old Slayer, one without teamwork, just free-for-all.
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As do I.
At this point, Halo 5 isn't an automatic purchase for me. They are going to have to earn that sale. And I've all but stopped playing Halo 4.

The saddest thing of all though, is that it's not a bad game. But when you put "Halo" on the box, it adds certain expectations. Things like file share, things like theater mode, things like campaign scoring, things like Firefight options, these have become part of the Halo experience for me. And that they are not in part, but ALL missing. It damages the quality of the product and the games staying power.

Anyway, thanks for the comment. Sorry for the diatribe. :)
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Seems like Bungie did a magnificent job at the previous Halos. I loved the mystery and adventure in this game, because it has been five years since Halo 3's release.

I know what you mean by those. I just love to mess around with theater Champaign, find every skull on every level, fight alongside the Elites, and, most of all, stop the threat that plans to destroy everything that lives.

But what I really hated most is WHY did the Elites break a truce with the humane?? I know some of them were a splinter group (as what people are saying), but why would they back stab everyone and join the most advanced race in the galaxy!? And where's the Arbiter at? He was nowhere to be seen. I hope 343 will make a game where it had a side story or the continuing events of Halo 4 with Thel Vadamm taking Chiefs place and at least explain some things. I'd rather have cut scenes that have moving things rather than a picture of people standing around (like ME3).

You're welcome.
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Cuz dat's how Chief rolls!
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Lol, hail to the chief
SniperSteve1's avatar
omggggg! so AWESOME!
Turbofurby's avatar
That elite got chief slapped!
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It's like the old live-action BATMAN show!

...only with aliens and Halo armor...sweet! XD

Great job!
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Glad to see your back. And this is quite lovely
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Quite the jaw-dropping fight we have here.
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this is awesome, I feel better while drawing on paper, rather on the tablet
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Nothing wrong with that. Different artists need different approaches to the craft. Personally, I was happy to see paper left behind. But that's just because it fits my style and needs, not because traditional mediums are any less valid.

There is a certain tactile sensation when working with paper. It's enjoyable. But there's no undo button with pen and paper. :P
fungster's avatar
true, but I can always scan it and fix it up later
Phantasim-Fan's avatar
That is one huge Elite.
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