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BAS Lekgolo

This will be my entry for Bungie All Stars, week 14. WISH ME LUCK!

I was tempted to use an older joke from AHCS number 86 and call it a week. But I thought better of it and decided I had better stick to making something original for the contest.
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you know, i could actually see a hunter and a grunt being buddies.
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In the Halo universe, I imagine Disney makes fun family films where an unlikely pair of a Lekgolo and an Unggoy "buddy up" and try to find their way back home while having wacky adventures. And they title it something insipid like "GRUNTER".
The-Last-Wimbleton's avatar
Thank god it wasn't me.
MinorElite's avatar
Woah! That hunter is awesome ^^
hellogonzo's avatar
and if they are but look gay ill be pissed
hellogonzo's avatar
i love hunters if there not in halo 4 i will be pissed
ZZoMBiEXIII's avatar
Pretty sure the Covenant are going to only be a minor presence in Halo 4. The Promethians are meant to be the primary emenies. At least I think that's what they've been calling them.
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:icongrin--plz: yeah your right...hoping for some giant mass of enemies in Halo 5 than(i just like creativity of it)Love your art...and not being an ass kisser about it B-)
ZZoMBiEXIII's avatar
I'm just glad to have the Chief back. ODST and Reach were both great in their own ways. But for me the series is best when seen through the visor of Spartan 117. ;)

darkheavy57's avatar
maybe in highn sight it wasn't the gratest idea to trun around*reaches for rocket launcher*
4ShadowclawIV's avatar
What is orange,blue and red all over?

dracostarcloud's avatar
Oh wow! I remember seeing this. They posted your entry right below mine.
devistator23's avatar
lol Shaun of the Dead
Alpha-Fragment-Xi's avatar
Silly Mgalekgolo. Always leaving their pens uncapped.
AhstTraotee's avatar
Love the Shaun of the Dead reference!
CallSign-Ghost's avatar
That looks painful to the Spartan.
TheNobody1994's avatar
Hunters are my favorite enemies XD

Only Mark V [B]? Mark V [A] for the win :D
Raito-Yagami666's avatar
The Hunters are suprisingly easy to kill. The grunts get annoying in large numbers on higher difficulties, though. But that was still me a few times on Reach.

...So that's where my last corpse's head went. Hm.
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