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For new readers, there is a history with these characters. 2 anthropomorphized plasma grenades having banter as they sit there waiting for the action to come to them. Over the years of this comics original run, I think I had the nades in about 4 of their own comic strips as well as a few cameo gags where they'd show up in the background while Chief or Arbs or someone else did their thing.

Bob and Doug, I called them.

And yes, for Second City TV (SCTV) fans that is a reference to Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas' Mckenzie brothers and Strange Brew. 
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I get the feeling Doug will get some karma, later on being thrown to the crotch of a spartan.

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Usually, Bob is the "George Costanza" of the pair, so I usually have him make the smart remarks and get the uncomfortable situations while Doug is the go-with-the-flow type who just sits there and takes it all in. But one never knows what the future may hold, lol

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Well you're a penis Doug -3-