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Yuri Layfield[Vampire Knight ID] by zZLazyWolfZz Yuri Layfield[Vampire Knight ID] by zZLazyWolfZz

ok so here is my first Vampire Knight OC!!

name: Yuri Layfield

name meaning: Love (ok so yeah we all know Yuri means GirlxGirl but im going to put just love. because I can and I am! and her name used to be Yori, but I put 'Yuri' instead of 'Yori' oh her ID card...)

age: 16

D.O.B: 2/14

sex: Female

height: 5'2

weight: 112 lbs.

blood type: A+

family: older brother, no sister, nor parents.

Level: C

Class: Night Class

roommate: no one

Classes he/she takes: Math and English

if she/he sees you dying on the ground: she would call 911 and try to help any way possible.

when he/she is in a good mood: she is a cheerful person and run the track 3 times..

when he/she is in a bad mood: she is grumpy and is a badass...

Race: vampire (Common)

weapon: does using her Master count?

Power: Super speed, strength, and heal faster then humans.

Appearance: long dyed pink hair, it was dark brown but she dyed it. electric blue eyes. seems and looks like a 13 year old.( that's when her Master turn her.)

relationship  status: single, but crushing on Kowalski Kuba,a Day Class student.(yay! I could put him in here!)

personality: she is a sweet alethic girl, that is somewhat shy yet not. if she has you in her set of eyes, she will try her best to make an impression on ya! will also fight for whats right and wrong.

likes: animals, sports, coffee, watching anime, and hanging with Day Class students.

dislikes: sitting in class, listening to teachers and long leathers..

    BIO part:

childhood(newborn-age 10): was born in a hospital, forgotten which one. at age 2 she said her first word, bro. after that she doesn't remember. it was a blur... until she hit 12.

teenage years(11-19): at age 12 her parents were killed right in front of her and her brother by vampires. when she didn't do something the vampires said, one of them shot her. after awhile of being knocked out for who knows how long, all she see is her brother cover in blood. with the last breath she made. her brother turn her into a vampire, so that see wouldn't die. at 14 her brother brought her to Cross Academy. and never came back until she when into the town, looking for him. she almost got killed by a level E, but her brother saved her. her brother became her Master as she became his servant. and her brother is slightly unknown but a Pure blood. he really isn't her brother  now that she is 16, she found out that he was starting school with her she was happy, but that happy moment change when she also found out that he isn't her real brother, for he was adopted. that is why he is a Pure blood and she isn't...17-19..not there yet!!!!

adulthood(20+): NOT THERE YET FOR AWHILE!!!!!

sorry if the bio is a bit confusing....


ID Card:…

credit: iconbases-xs

if ya want to RP or Collab with me just ask or just start one in a comment!!!!

thank you for taking the time to look and read my Vampire Knight OC! of course I don't own Vampire Knight! (i wish) but Yuri is all mine! 

Tomoyo Sakagami (Happy) [V1] 

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February 8, 2014
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