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|What Are You Looking At?| by zZLazyWolfZz |What Are You Looking At?| by zZLazyWolfZz
So this is my Demon cat trap that I adopted from Setendeath ! He's cute an't he?~ Well Sorry if this bio will be long but please read it!~
Base: ?? I can't find it...Sorry, if anyone does could you tell me so I can give them the Credit?!

General Information


First: Elka”

Middle: Maywith”

Surname: Tomori

Name(s) go by: I like to be called Ellie, May, Tori, or Tomoe. But really Ellie.

Sex: (gender) Male

Affiliation: Rich, upper-class people and people at Bakebeko Night Club. Perfect for me.

Species: Bakebeko. A Demon Cat if you don’t understand the real name.

Birthday: We celebrate it on Oct. 31, but the real date is Oct.22, 1994.

Age: 20.

Star Sigh: Libra.

Zodiac Animal: Dog. But I’m a cat at heart.

Sexual Orientation: “Bisexual. Best of both worlds~”

Sexual Preference: Men.

Nationality: Japanese.

Language(s) know: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch.


Physical Appearance


Skin Tone: Just got a nice cameral tan.

Height: 144.78 cm. 4’9 if you don’t understand cent enters.

Weight: 95.5 lbs.

Blood Type: AB+


Color: Light pink

Style: Just look at it, it’s my own style so I call it the ‘Elka Look’.

Length: Goes down to my tail bone. Bangs are long so year my hear is just long.


Color: Left: “Dark sky blue.” | Right: Dark sky blue, like my left eye.


Shape: Hourglass.

Shoulders: Well...this is a hard question…not to far from my neck? Like a girl’s.

Waist: …I have a girl’s waist, so small?”

Hips: Not to wide or big, but medium like I said, I have a girl’s frame of a body.

Breast/ Chest Size: Well I’m a flat chested.

Lip Shape: umm small, not to plumbed?

Right Handed Or Left Handed?: I’m both. No idea what’s the name for it but yeah.

Physical Features:

Scar(s): Yeah, one on my side from a fight. And one on my neck...”

Tattoo(s): One on my right shoulder of a rose.”

Piercing(s): Nope.

Other: I have cat ears and a tail when I want them.

General Attitude


Personality: People-oriented and fun-loving, making things more fun for others by their enjoyment. Living for the moment, center of attention in social situations, popular, upper-class, loyal to peers, great people skills, intelligent, very persuasive to both men and female making me also very manipulative, and can be easily bored with the same thing so new experiences excited me, and also put my needs in front of others in some situations. Yeah this is my personality.”

Normal Mood: Care-free, happy, excited, and persuasive.


Bad: Thronging lovers ‘away’, not caring what people say behind my back, and being easily bored with something after awhile.

Good: Being persuasive, acting like a girl, and using Daddy’s wallet~”

Strength(s): Fashion, men, money, getting what I want, Should I go on?”

Weakness(s): Men, People blackmailing me when they find out my secrets.”

Likes: Cloths, men, sweets, and others I really don’t want to say.

Dislikes: Women, people using me, lovers wanting to stay together forever.”

Fear(s): Spiders, the dark, being alone, and my real family.”

Why Are You Afraid This/Theses Thing(s)?: Spiders: just  they are so creepy with all of those legs! The dark: was tortured with this. Being alone: Just hate it. My family: They tortured me when I was with them. Glad they are locked up.”

Soft Spot: Guys in uniform, cats, shiny things, and tuna.


Dress Sense


Favorite Clothing Brand: Dream Light. All my cloths are from that shop.”

Clothing Usually Worn: The Dress line that was named after me. Elken.

Accessory(s): Depends on what I wear.                                                      

Make-Up: Only when I’m working.

Perfume/Clone or Sent: Well I wear Elken. A perfume named and made for me. It’s a sweet, fruity, and glory smell to it. Very appealing to men and girls.




Number of Members of The Family: six. This includes my real and foster family oh and me.

Mother(s)?/The Name of Mother(s): “Got two. My real mom’s name is Vicki Ina and my foster mom’s name is Alexandra Johnson.

Father(s)?/ The Name of The Father(s): “Also got two. Real father’s name is Seth Dyann and my Daddy’s name is Eyo Tomori.

Brother(s)?/The Name of Brother(s): One. Real brother. His name is Daniel Dyann..

Sister(s)?/The Name of Sister(s): Just one. Real Sister. Her name is Jordi Dyann.

Any Other Relative(s)?/ The Name(s) of The Relative(s): Nope. Not that I want to know anyways.

Pet(s)?/The Name(s) of The Pet(s): One, a cat named Jen.




Best Friend(s)?/ The Name(s) of The Best Friend(s): Nope. Not at the moment.

Friend(s)?/ The Name(s) of The Friend(s): No. Not at the moment again.

Rival(s)?/The Name(s) of The Rival(s): Yeah. Most of lovers’ girlfriends. Don’t remember their names.

Enemy(s)?/ The name(s) of The Enemy(s): Yeah. Most of lovers’ girlfriends and some other guys. Don’t remember their names either..

Love Interest(s)?/ The Name(s) of The Love Interest(s): Ha! I’m a playboy. I don’t have love interests. But my interest in guys are guys that are forceful, know what they want, and wear some kind of suit or uniform.”

Crush(s)?/The Name(s) of The Crush(s): Again, playboy. None of this.

Lover(s)?/The Name(s) Of The Lover(s): To many to remember their names. Ex lovers mostly though.




Childhood (Ages 0-12)

(Summary)Life Story: well can’t remember till the age of ten. That’s when my father thought it was fun to rape me, torture, and make me his slave. I don’t know why it was I was the only one treated this way unlike my brother and sister, they got whatever they wanted. I had to beg for the smallest things like food from this family. But on my 12th birthday, at night when everyone was asleep, I ran away to the police station and tolled everything that family did to me. The so-called mother and father when to jail for what they did to me for life, such relied they where out of my life. Oh and then Daniel and Jodi when into foster care like me, but in America. Far away from me. I when to a foster care in Japan. That’s when the Tomori family adopted me. Changed my last name and treated me like family. Well they are my family I love to death now.

Birth Town: Don’t remember the name…

Favorite Childhood Memory: Being far away from the Dyanns, being in the foster system until my new Daddy and Mom came and tuck me into their lives.”

Worst Childhood Memory: Every memory till I was 12.


Teenage (Ages 13-19)

(Summary)Life Story: Being in a rich loving family that gave me anything I want was a big change, but I got use to it and love every part of it.  Then when I turned 15 and got a job at the Night Club. Giving the men what they want for a high and nice price. That’s when I learn I was good at persuading men to my every will. I did tell Daddy and Mom that I was in that kind of working and they accepted it. And learning that I was a cat demon.

Grown Up In?: Like housing wise? Well in the Tomori Estate. Never moving because it’s going to be my Estate when Daddy and mom die, so its my home forever and ever.”

Favorite Teen Memory: Daddy and Mom actually okay with me working at a Night Club.”

Worst Teen Memory: Is it sad that I don’t have this kind of Memory?


(If) 20 and Over:
Fist Memory When You Hit This Age:
Well I’m 20 right now nothing new, and I love that about it.

Life Story Up To Now: Nothing really has change, just me becoming more popular with men, and being good at being a trap. So lets see what the future awaits us~!


Current Life:

Job?/ The Name of The Job And Who Employed You: Bakebeko Night Club. And no one knows the name of their employer is. You just get a call from an unknown number, go their and an unnamed man interviews you.”

Current Home/ The Name of The Place You Are Living At: I said this are ready. The Tomori Estate.

Relationship Status/ (If with anyone) Name of Person You Are With: Like I said before, no one.

Children?/ Name(s) of The Children(s) Name(s): NONE!!! I’m a guy!!



Dreams And Interests


Dream(s)/Ambition(s): “None right now. I know weird.”

Favorite Class(s): I would say P.E

Worst Class(s): I would say Science. Hate theories.

Hobby(s):I think shopping, going out with customers, sleeping, having a good time.

    Interest(s): This is easy, I been saying it. Men, men in uniform or suit, and having a good time.

Talent(s)Being about to shapshift into a cat demon, being persuasive, and getting what I want.

Religion(s): Who knows.

Into Sport(s)?/ Name(s) of The Sport(s): Nope and nope.


Rating Out of 10(Ten Being The Best And One Being The Worst)

Intelligence: 10 /10

Confidence: 7/10

Wisdom: 4/10

Agility: 7 /10

Stamina: 10/10

Cooperation: 9 /10


Yes Or No Questions

Smoker?/ Brand(s):No.

Drinker?/ Brand(s):No.”

Drug User? Brand(s)No.

Nail Bitter?No.

Athletic? Yes.

Bookworm? No.

Kleptomaniac? No.

Party Animal? “Yes.

Vegetarian? No.

Workaholic?  No.

Wear Glasses?/ Vision For Both Eyes: Left: | Right: / Type: No and yes. Just for the look really.

Contacts?/ Are They For Seeing? For Changing Your Eye Color? For Fun? Just To Have Them So You Don’t Have To Wear Glasses? Vision For Both Eyes: Left: | Right: No.


Yes Or No Questions


Temper? No and yes.

Patience? No and yes.

Charisma? No and yes.

Discipline?No and yes.

Sense of Humor? No and yes.

Wit?No and yes.


Chose Which One You Are


Optimist or Pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or Extrovert?I think both.

Daredevil or Cautious? Daredevil

Logical or Emotional? Both

Disorderly or Neat? “Both”

Working or Relaxing? Well my work is relaxing so both again.

Confident or Unsure? Both once again.

Playgirl/boy or One Girl/Boy For Me? Playboy

Independent or Dependent? Independent

Immortal or Mortal? Immortal




How He/She Feels About himself/herself?: Wonderful. I love myself.

One or Two Word Character would use to describe itself?: Playboy

One or Two Paragraph description of How The Character would describe itself?: Okay then..Well I’m a care-free  playboy that has a horrible childhood. My work is called a Night Club but its like a high class host club for men who are gay. I get whatever I want because I’m a rich brat. Yes I know I’m a brat.  I don’t let myself fall in love with anyone right now because why do I need to when I get everything I want in life? Money? Happiness. Yeah I don’t know how but I love my new life. So this is how I would describe myself after all~

What Does The Character Consider His/Her Best Personality Traits?: All of them.

What Dose The Character Consider His/Her Worst Personality Traits?: Being so care-free .

What Does The Character Consider His/Her Best Physical Characteristic?: Looking like a trap.

What Does The Character Consider His/Her Worst Physical Characteristic?: “Looking like a trap.”

How Does The Character Think Others Perceive Him/Her?: Care-free, playboy brat that gets whatever he wants. Ha this is what I think I am!

What Would The Character Most Like To Change About Himself/Herself?: Nothing.

If The Character Could Change Anything Physical, What Would It Be?: Have breasts.

If The Character Could Change Anything Personality Wise, What Would It Be?: “Nothing.”

If The Character Could Change Anything Mentally, What Would It Be?: Nothing.






Drink(s):Milk and coffee

Color(s):Love every color!

Place(s):The park, My family’s Estate, the Night Club I work at, and the mall.

Music(s):All but country. Well most anyways. I like some.

Animal(s): “all of the cat familes.”

Characteristic In Other People(s):Forceful, knows what he/she wants, serious, easily jealous, and worries about people.




Drink(s):Root Beer


Place(s):Dark and creepy ones.

Music(s): “Like I said most country music.”


Characteristic In Other People(s):Wanting to stay with me forever, doesn’t know what he/she wants, lay-back, and being clinging.


Other Information You Want Others To Know About The Character (Put It Here)


Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nothing.

If Your Character Could Have A Soundtrack To Their Life Name Ten Songs That Would Be On It


♫- Its My Life

♫-Girls just want to have fun

♫-Tragic Melody


♫-Play Hard

♫-Feel Like A Vampire


♫-Its all about us

♫-Everywhere I go





Theme Song:All of those ten songs.

Words and Sentence use a lot:Mother Russia, Sorry but I’m into men, Sorry I’m not into you like that. Nya, and F*ck the laws!

Voice:Cute, light, sweet, always want to hear that laugh and voice kind of tone I have.

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Maybedraw her showing her anus. Could be cool
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zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I decide that Elka, the trap in the picture, is a boy because I was given a trap by my good friend. If you don't know what a trap is well its a boy who looks, acts, and has the persona of a girl.
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