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| Testla | by zZLazyWolfZz | Testla | by zZLazyWolfZz
My glitch!~ I love her~ See hair changed. Also lost her export, plus had to change things.

Bullet; RedName : T-E-S-T-L-A / / T-P 0-0-1. Testla for short. {Test-la}

Bullet; RedAge: Doesn't age, looks around 16 {She is a robotic, doesn't age..She so young!~}

Bullet; RedDate Of Birth: none. Was made 12/25/????

Bullet; RedGender: Robotic Female

Bullet; RedHeight: 4'3" feet tall

Bullet; RedWeight: unknown, {ROBOIC! TONS Maybe..When carried feels around 45 lbs.}

Bullet; RedPower: Mimic {She man copy any kind of power(s) that get near or close to her about 2 feet from her and she can copy, mimic, that person's power}

Bullet; RedSexual Orrientation: Bisexual? {Who knows.}

Bullet; RedYear: Third

Bullet; RedPersonality: Changes everyday

Bullet; RedBackground:
Back then:
Doctor Sky Wellson (Younger sister): "Subject T-E-S-L-A / / T-P 0-0-1. Trying to recreate everything we knew back to live once more, it was just a mess. Failing everything. But still being alive. We just couldn't give up on 001. It was the first of It's type. Combing the Magnetic and Ice with a few other "Bloods" it was hard. But we didn't give up, not yet. Going throw the Voice test she failed that as well, all of them did with this test. We just wanted one with an American Tone, but we got a mixture of Russian and Latina Tone. When injecting the mixture of "Bloods" into the subject , she glitched out. Causing everything to shut down fro days until she "Awoke". Her tan humanoid skin color just failed and turn black, dead. Her green humanoid eyes turn to robotic green in her left eye and the "Cells" in her right died as well, making the green go white. Her black short hair glitched and turned pink and long. But with more research, her hair turns color and style with the seasons and/or weather. But when sleeping or updating it goes to pink and long. It toke on a shorter body. We nicknamed it "Glitch" Because of all the bugs we have/had to deal with. Its speak isn't the best anymore. It was sad to see it try to speak as it just came out wrong. We all felt so bad for it. Its person is unknown because it always changes everyday. Taking on many personas instead of one. We think its because of all the "Blood" we mix and put in it. After a few months we found out that the "Bloods" we put in her, causing her to mimic other powers that get close or near her. We ddin't think it was possible to have a subject to have this, she was a sussed after all. Soon 001 was named Testla, given by the scientists that worked on her because of how many black outs we had with her. We had to shut her down and put her in a chained cell next to the teo other failed projects because she kept wiping the data sheets clean. She was to glitchly, but we couldn't make more of the T-P's. She wiped all the data we needed to make another Pron. Ever again. T-E-S-T-L-A / / T-P 0-0-1 was just a full failed project that should have never happen..."

Being shut down and shipped to the military was a big change fro this young Sunject. Soon being turned on she got scared and ran away, copying someone's super speed. Hiding in a crawl space, she was later found a few days by Zela. Zela calm her down and got her got of the space and everyone looked and toke care of her as they would do to a 12 year old. Being raised as a Army Brat she was good, not great on the field. being the only Subject on the field was scary but some of her teammates help her and she use her Mimic power to Mimic others with powers they didn't know they had. So winning some small wars was because of this one. Everyone treated her like a little sister or daughter around the base and on the filed. She loved to be around the sounds of th battle fields. After all she was raised into to a fighter. Even though her speak wasn't good, her wright was. She wrote and learned from a teacher to speak, having fun learning how to say words and sentences, she mainly learn in Russian and Spanish since her teachers were a Russian and a 
Latino. But she soon learn English from a doctor there. When she was tolled she was no longer needed, it broke her heart and everyone else, but she followed the order. She didn't mind because she had Zela and Deva with her. Soon being shipped off, she shared a cell with Zela since it was big enough and because Testla didn't want to be alone. She liked being so close to the beach in their large beach house. It was fun learning that she will be in a city/town with other people that have powers and be going to a school as a third year.

After getting into a brutal fight against one of fake friends because she wanted to get close and use Haru (Owner is: :iconivioryebonyluna: ) for her own selfish purposes. When Testla said no and stand up for herself she was beaten up by the "Friend" and two girls that follow her like pups. They broke her eye forever to come, as much as for her speech its better. No so much glitches in it but a few. So even though she can see in both eyes, she wears a red blindfold to hind the insane looking eyes she will forever have. She has a seeing stick, as if she was blind.

Bullet; RedLikes and Dislikes:

+ Bening around mostly humans

+Video games


+ Flowers

+ Cute things

+Hot Food

- people commenting on her skin 

-anyone messing with Zela and Deva

- People also commenting on her speech

- Mean people

-being along

-people trying to look at her eyes

Bullet; RedRelationships: 

white heart bullet "Holla!~" (Acquaintance)
blue heart bullet "ERROR ERROR Your back*Slurred together* " (Familiar)
emerald-green heart bullet *Writes: We are comrades" (Friend)
yellow heart bullet "Bestie!~"(Best Friend)
orange heart bullet "Let me ERROR Ask...M-Mama(AKA Zela) if you can stay over!~." (Like Family)
pink heart bullet Wrights: "<3"(Crush)
:heart: revamp "I love you!~"(In a Relationship)
beating heart  "I'm your Waitfu right?"(In love)
:heartbeat: "T-This body ERROR belongs to you.*Slurred together*" (Sexual Attraction)
purple heart bullet "*Hides* Back! back! D-DOn't get near me..."(Creped out/Fear)
grey heart bullet "I dislike you. Should I call the Coast Guard on you?""(Dislikes)
Bloody Heart Bullet  "ERROR ERROR Tack Force should be on you if you talk to me again..(HATES)
:icondarthmelevis: Artyom: orange heart bullet "he was an old comrade of mine in the army and is like a brother to me.."
:iconivioryebonyluna: Haru: ?? "I don't know what I feel for him..He is always there for me though.."
Bullet; RedOthers:

Has a Russian to a Latina accent

Speech is horrible, writes mostly what she wants to say on something.

Can Copy anyone's power from two feet near her

Is a Army Brat

Personality changes everyday.

Wears light clothing because she is use to the hot temperatures of the war grounds.

Hair color and style changes with the seasons and/or weather

Nicknames goes by: Echo, got it from the Army since "Echos" powers. Glitch, got it from when she was worked on and was "Glitching out", and Lil Sis, got it from Zela and Deva since they are a "Family.

Will shut down or go to a 'Submissive' like state if someone, anyone, says out loud her "Password" {Which is Dorei, Japanese for Slave}

wears and hides forever dilated eyes from view with a red blindfold as well as caring around a seeing stick so that she can feel and hear what is around her

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Little-Mouse-Crafter Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Student General Artist
ooh  i like her eyes and hair owo
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
X3 thanks
Little-Mouse-Crafter Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Student General Artist
chu welcome >w<
Darthmelevis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
XD I know I just had to since she is more into the army then her "Sisters" 
Darthmelevis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
Nice, Artyom would love her XD
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
xD I hope he doesn't mind the horrible speech, hey maybe they know each other since she has been in the Army for a very long time??
Darthmelevis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
He was a P.M.C he worked for pretty much everybody so that would make sense :3 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
X3 Well if she glomps you its because well she is very childish XDD
Darthmelevis Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
Noice I can't wait <3
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
lol so wanna rp with them? Like noooowww Tony the Toast~~
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