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| Mai Shimizu | {KU App} by zZLazyWolfZz | Mai Shimizu | {KU App} by zZLazyWolfZz
So yea being working on this girl~ I love how she came out!~ I know with the siren part it isn't to good but I've tried. And I don't think this needs a filer since she is still cothed and its like a bathing suit. Plus Sirens don't wear a lot, they are in the sea most of the time so yea.
Anyways! I saw this interesting group called KisekaeUniversity and I wanted to join it with Mai. If I don't then I don't know where to put this cutie, now for me I can't put her bio information on the pic, to me that makes it to crowded and I just don't like that so I always put her information down here~ So here it goes, I also got the bio thing from this lovely person: Ask-Klover-Arrow-Ren and thought to use it. I've toke some things out of it and added a few things in but I wanted to credit her since she use it first. 
And no she isn't a bimbo. This is just one of the few female characters I have that has a big bust okay? okay.
UPDATE: So I forgot to put her exports on here..So here they are, please don't steal them. I've worked had on them. And please credit me/tell me you have use her export in a group or something please. I'm her own.
Program: Kisekae2 and Gimp 2.8
Artist: NSFW and renkagamine101
Mai Shimizu: renkagamine101
Bio Sheet thing: Ask-Klover-Arrow-Ren
Templace: :iconkisekaeuniversity: and CycloneSamurai

Mai Shimizu


Date of birth: 
March 27




Relationship status:

Style of speaking: 
Soft and sweet
When Sirensoothing and pretty

Volume of voice:
Soft Spoken
When Siren: Soft Spoken

5'2 ft

112 lbs

Eye color: 
light grey
When Siren: Electric blue to green

Skin color:
Light tan
When Siren: Light Baby Blue

Distinguishing features: 
Tan lines, freckles, and a scar on her left shoulder
When Siren: Dark blue scars under eyes, and one in an almost shape flower type scar on right forehead.

Build of body: 
Slim to curvy, having D cup breasts

Hair color:
Pitch Black with blue dyed
When Siren: Light pastel purple

Hair style: 
Punk short high pigtails with bangs out and some hair left out that's dyed.
When Siren: Long wavy, some bangs pulled back into two high buns


Left eye brow, snake{Meaning under her lips}, and ears
When Siren: Ears

Typical clothing: 
Simple, dark, punckish, and short

Sea/mammal animals, swimming, singing, sweets, having fun, listening to music, baths, and warm things, modeling, list goes on.

Bugs, sharks, spiders, sore throat, bitter things, doing nothing, animal haters, Being alone, and cold things, list goes on.

High school {Just finished it}

Being on land forever, Bugs,Being alone forever,Being replaced,List goes on
Personal goals: 
Finding a boyfriend/girlfriend {Doesn't care about gender}
Being a better Siren and model

Somewhat antisocial and sensitive. Usually dislikes being alone. Interested in serving others, and places the needs of others over their own needs.A perfectionist. Dreamer. Not interested in counterculture. Doubtful. Touchy, easily hurt and excited. Ambitious. Quiet, kind, and conscientious. Observer with rich inner world of observations about people. Private and polite. Timid, socially uncomfortable, modest, not confrontational. Fears drawing attention to self. Easily frightened. Easily offended. Prone to crying. Responsible. Valuing security and traditions. Well-developed sense of space and function. Dislikes competition. Good at finishing tasks. Clean, organized. Weird. Tolerant to differences. Prone to confusion easy. Afraid of many things. Fears doing the wrong thing. Dislikes change. Anxious, cautious, suspicious. More interested in relationships and family. Has a perverted mind. Blunt to curtain topics. Can't handle different conversions at once, a bit slow but at the same time very smart. Persuasive.

Energy level:
sometimes good to sometimes bad

Eye sight:
Needs glasses to see
When Siren: Perfect

Any unhealthy habits: 
Staying up late, thinks of dirty things most of the time, can't stand to be alone, list goes on.

Nanami Mori, foster mother.
Ami Nakamura, foster mother.

Momoko Mori, foster sister, 27(Eldest)
Sasaki Mori, foster sister, 25(Second Eldest) 
Akane Nakamura, foster sister, 21(Middle)
Aya Nakamura, foster sister, 10(Second Youngest)
Mayu Mori, foster sister, 8(Youngest)

Any enemies: 
Here and there.

NONE, She is a virgin

None at the moment

Best friends: 
None at the moment 

Important friends/relatives :
Her foster family
Love interest :
none at the moment
First year of Collage as well as a glamour model
Current home: 
Dorm room

Singing, drawing, listing to music, cooking

Guilty pleasures: 
Unknown at the moment
Singing, cooking, drawing, modeling
Favorite colors:
Likes them all so rainbow

Mai was given away when she was a day old to an orphanage in Tokyo, Japan. She grew up there til she hit the age of 10 when a homosexual couple toke her in as their fourth daughter. Their names are Nanami and Ami Mori. Nanami, being like the father figure, let her keep or change her last name. Mai kept her's because she isn't very good with change. And these parents weren't normal. They are sirens looking for lost and abandoned young sirens like Mai. Her foster parents toke good care of Mai and helped her with transforming into her true form, a siren. It was weird at first to her but she grew to like it. After going to human schools for 8 years, she finishes high school and ready for collage. During these long 8 years she gain three younger foster sisters she loves as her own, a job as a glamour model, and the will to turn her siren self whenever she wants. Working as a glamour model was embarrassing at first to her and she thought it wasn't going to work out, but in time she grew a fondness of it and kept it as her main source of money to pay her bills since she is living on her own. Now turning 19 she is ready to take on collage for the first time, wanting to be accept at one collage mainly because of her foster family has been going there for years so she wants to continue the line of the Mori family by going to the same one. But she didn't get in. They didn't like her job and how she was though her grades and record are great. So she has to pick another collage.
(Will update later if I get into the group)
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CycloneSamurai Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You above and beyond what was ask for
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I did?
should  i fix it?
CycloneSamurai Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You did nothing wrong.  It just surprise me 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I did?
CycloneSamurai Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You put lot of effort into the bio 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
>< I tried too
MarMuffins Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
This is amazingg... 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It is? thank you!
MarMuffins Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Well, obviously, there's not need to question it. The design for both versions is more than anything I could accomplish and you've put such detail into the bio, I never feel the need to do such in depth bios, but it's something that's worth a compliment. 
It's almost worrying that you can't see how great it looks in comparison to others. 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Well to me I don't want to be mean or anything to others art. So When someone says "good job!" to me, it makes me feel happy since I'm kinda new to Kisekae art. And I don't want to put others down. I hate causing drama when its not needed.

And with the bio I want to make sure others understand her so I don't have to always repeat it when role-playing. I like to write down everything about her so I can also remember how I made her. ^^ So thanks again, and don't worry you'll get better. Just try and make the "Dolls" as if they are real people. Meaning with their body measures, to hair, to clothing. 
MarMuffins Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
Ah, Yes, I see your point, and I understand. Starting drama wouldn't be wanted, and being mean is probably the lowest one can go.
But, I can see where you're getting at here, and that's totally cool :D 

I'd agree with that too, I just never feel like people would actually read them, but yeah, your point makes sensee~ 
Thank you too, I'll be sure to try making my characters more human in the future.

Oh and for that little amazing comeback there~ I love seeing people actually saying what they think instead of hidingg itt~ c: 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist

Yea, and you will get better. I've seen it since I've gotten better with some time.

I'm very truthful. I don't like to hid/sugar coat things. It just doesn't end well for me or the person. So if you ask me how something looks, I will be always honest.
MarMuffins Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015
I'm sure you have ^-^ ~ 

Yesss~ I see. I salute you~  
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
And the way you do Kisekae is good. It is. 
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