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Lilith Wagner Chimera Academy App! by zZLazyWolfZz Lilith Wagner Chimera Academy App! by zZLazyWolfZz
Nightcrawler's/Kurt Wagner's daughter!
fist student app i have done since i have the Headmaster and Meta-Human Science teacher XD hope you like her. and yes she likes batman! 

Basic Information

Fist name: Lilith
Middle name: Sky
Last name: Wagner
Full Name: Lilith Sky Wagner
Nick-name: Lilly, Lil, and Luna
Age: 17
Race/Species: Mutant
Birthday: (MM/DD/YY): 7/11/1999
Time of Birth: 11:23 p.m
Country of Origin: unknown
Birthplace: New York
Language know/speak: English, Japanese, German, and French
Native Language: English
Religion: Christian


Education: why must i tell you this
Weapons/Offensive equipment: Daggers
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: Hat and phone/pocket knife in boot/none
Money/Amount of: $200 very mouth.
Transportation: Teleport so I don't need that


Recent Pictures: selfie just now
Blood Type: O+
Height: 5’3
Weight:120 lbs
Eye Color: bright shinny yellow gold eyes(like her father)

Hair: (Color and Length): Red and very long.
Skin: (Color/Complexion): almost red, seems always sun burn but not.
Figure/Build: Slim and tone


Distinguishing Marks:
-Tattoo(s): none
-Scars: none
-Piercing Style: none
-Clothing Style: short and dark with a geeky feeling towards it.


Currently Lives:
-With who: roommate with Ice Queen(Katherine Stark) 
-what did you bring for clothing, bedding, etc: Batman bedding, all clothing I have and school uniform, food, bathing things, and DVDs.

Hobbies: Watching anime and Batman, playing video games, disappearing when in fights, and following the headmaster around.
Power(s): Teleportation and telekinesis and other things like her father.
Strengths: Mostly anywhere
 when Blake or any member of the Wayne family getting in danger.


Love interest(s): no one
-Crush: Blake Wayne

Diet: don’t have one
Drinker?: no
Smoker?: no
Drug user?: no
Other addictions?: no
Allergies:  no
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: meh dunno…
Any medication regularly taken: nope
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Not yet
Pet Peeves: 1. don’t touch the hat. 2. don’t touch my stuff. 3. don’t touch the hat.

Basic description: look at me that’s all~
Personality: has a long-temper, takes to self a lot, quit, can have aloud mouth, and sweet
Likes: Batman, hats, teleporting, and animals
Dislikes: people dissing her and Batman, getting hurt, and bugs
Motivations: what is this…
Fears/Phobias: people finding out she is a mutant
Favorite quote: “Cause I’m Batman.”
Favorite food: Pizza  
Favorite drink: soda
Favorite color: blue, red, gold, purple, and black
Favorite song: “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”
Favorite movie: all Batman movies
Favorite sport: Hokey
Favorite book: have a lot of favorites
Other favorites: umm Dunno maybe sleeping

Dislike quote: has none
Dislike food: pie
Dislike drink: tea
Dislike color: pink
Dislike song: all One Direction and Justin Beaver songs
Dislike movie: “Ghostbusters”
Dislike sport: Football
Dislike book: most of the I Survive books
Other Dislikes: snobs


-Parents: Kurt Wagner and unknown
-Siblings: unknown
-Other close relatives: unknown
-Friends: …do I have to answer this..
-Partner: no
-Offspring: NO
-Other Important Relatives/Friends: nope
-Enemies: most popular kids.
-Pet(s): a ferret named Moe


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: can be both
Fighting skills/techniques: you know my father, then that’s what I do~
Weapon of choice (if any): my tail and powers.


-Early Childhood: …no one but me and my father will know this…
-Teen life: now going to this academy.
-Adulthood: not there yet.

Year: 8

Main Classes:
3.Social Studies

9.Meta-Human Science

Second Main Classes:

3. P.E.
4. technology

Third Main Classes:

1. Club: Akuma Kurabu (Demon Club)
2. Study Hall
3. Free Time

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June 15, 2014
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