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| Kino Soga | by zZLazyWolfZz | Kino Soga | by zZLazyWolfZz
Another Ice Xare, love him~ Sorry if its long, just wanted to do it.

Xare: wil upload this soon. A type of a sub dragon that's rare to happen to a Misfit going to a transformation trying to be a real dragon, but it just goes to another phase. They do take on a more dragon form then Misfits since they gain the horns, tail, claws or talons, and can control the same or a Element or sub Element. Also an misfit is where a moral or demon having a child with a dragon and causing a Misfit which is common but hated in the Dragon Realm. Even though they can talk, control an element/ sub element, and have either source of teleportation or wings to fly. Same goes for Xares.

Soga isn't much of a fighter because he doesn't want to become like the other mad and insane Xares, so instead of using his Ice powers, he uses his mind to use Alchemy. He trains a lot with it, recreating things, the circles, etc. But when him and his team, Xare 7 in his realm when to fight in the Flare War, they were killed the six off leaving Soga alone. This is when he used all of strength to create a powerful Alchemy circle to trap the insane Elder Dragon but making him lose his right eye instead of his mind. He can still use his powers and Alchemy but not as strong. His right eye is now a purplish color with a alchemy circle as his iris. He covers it with an eye patch because he feels unconformable showing his eye, he now caries the guilt of putting his wife, sister, and four friend's death. The counsel of Elders soon froze Soga and lock him away and killed the rest of the Ice Xare dragons because they thought he and them might go rouge on them. After many years later he broke out and left the realm and knew things had change. Now being the last Ice Xare Dragon, he is like an Elder but isn't because he is the last one as well as he is just not very powerful since he has easily fatigue. Now going to this academy he hope to learn new things as well understand everything and relearn.

Soga's personality is strong mind, stubborn, caring, can come off quit but is loud and fun loving. He was a father of a little girl that died when she was only four when Sago was one and a shot out happen at the school she was going to and got shot in the chest and it was to late to be saved as it hit her heart. Soga is now very good with babies, meaning when he picks on up, they think he is their father and never want to be put down by him. Even when they are crying and fussing, when this Xare picks them up, the go silent. He is a father at heart and will away be one. During the Flare War he also lose his beloved wife and sister, yes his friends as well but wife and sister are more important, so now he is alone in this new world wanting to recreate everything and forget the past.
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December 27, 2014
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