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| Haru Amori | by zZLazyWolfZz | Haru Amori | by zZLazyWolfZz
Here we are again with him~ Needed to update him, not much has change since I haven't rp with him...But no worries I'm waiting~
The app goes to the the group, :iconanother-fandom-rp: and Haru belongs to me~!

His code so I don't forget it, please don't steal or use his code without letting me know!:
Name: Haru Amori {Ha-Ro-Hee} {A-More-E}

Age: 16

Date Of Birth: 3/27

Gender: Male {Trap}

Height4'7 feet tall

Weight: 93 lbs

Sexuality: Homosexual

Blood Type: -AB

Nationality: Japanese

Father: Aio Amori. 73 but looks 24. Japanese. Alive. Pure Blood.
Mother: Kymmi Amori. 56 but looks 23. Japanese. Alive. Pure Blood.
Sisters: Has seven. All alive. Ages 10-14. Japanese. Pure Bloods.

Roommate: No one.


Haru wears a no sleeved white turtle neck that goes down to his thighs with white short shorts that has red strip in them, black and pink stripped thigh highs and then to finish it off black ten a shoes. His clothing is laid back, simple yet cute. His light pink hair goes down to the med of his back but keeps it up in bun like side pigtails. Has Heterochrimia, meaning he has two colored eyes. His left eye is electric blue while his right eye is gold. He keeps his right eye cover by his bangs to stop the little bully he had with his appearance as well as he has his left ear pierced with a black cross as his right ear is pierced with a blue stud ear ring. Wearing a black cross necklace as well.

Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Does not like conflict and avoids doing things that will generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Private. Timid and prone to discouragement. Socially uncomfortable. Suggestible and not self-confident. Second-guesses self. Lower energy. Fears drawing attention to self. Very well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoys the present moment. Disorganized, easily distracted, prone to discontentment, easily disturbed. Prone to confusion. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Not aggressive. Timid, fearful, anxious, guarded, not confrontational. Longs for a stabilizing relationship. Can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings. Prone to quitting. Fears rejection in relationships, emotionally moody, needy, prone to sadness, dislikes change, indecisive, modest, doubting, prone to laziness.

Animals, stuff animals, sweets, the colors white/pink/red/black, being inside, quit places, warm things,reading, anime, movies that are mainly horror, and sleeping.

Bugs, spiders, bitter things, the colors orange/green/yellow/brown, being outside, loud people/places, reality tv, movies that all girly, cold things since he is always cold, and abusive people.


Music Note Bullet (Yellow) - F2U = Just Met.
Music Note Bullet (Light Green) - F2U = Acquintance.
Music Note Bullet (Green) - F2U = Familiar.
Music Note Bullet (Orange) - F2U = Friend.
Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U = Best Friend.
Music Note Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U = Like Family.
Music Note Bullet (Teal) - F2U = Mix Feelings.
Music Note Bullet (Purple) - F2U! = Crush.
Music Note Bullet (Light Purple) - F2U = Friend with benefits.
Music Note Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U   = In A Relationship.
Music Note Bullet (Pink) - F2U = Love.
Music Note Bullet (Red) - F2U = Sexual Attraction.
white heart bullet = Creped Out/Fear.
Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U = Disliked.
Bloody Heart Bullet = Hates.

If Vampire:
Level: A
Class: Pure Blood
Prey(Type of people and blood they like): Males that are in the ages of 15 to 23, have stress and has O to B blood type.
Power(s): Healing, decelerated aging, Easing memories, use animals as familiars to watch and listen around, Telekinesis, Electric Manipulation, heightened senses, Strength, and speed. (Note: He has a lot of weaknesses and can barely use all of these at his age but I'm just listing all the abilities he will have.)

Haru is the eldest to the thrown of his family as the only male in it. When he turns 18 he will he the heir of the Amori bloodline. Even though his parents doesn't want him to get married to a female since it would making their bloodline mixed and they don't want it. So Haru had/has to be homosexual. He doesn't mind it as long as it makes his parents happy he is fine. With being the only male child in the family, besides the father, he grew around girl things and likes them. Thus the reason why he looks/dresses/acts like a girl is due to all the females in his family. 

This is it until I can rp with another Vampire Knight Night or Day Class student.

Also, youareodd if you could change the Vampire Knight bio to this one it would make it more understandable then the one I first gave you. I'm not being mean its just at the moment when you ask I had to come up with something fast and so I couldn't have gave you all the right info. I'm sorry about that. Here is the blank version of this:
youareodd Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Student Filmographer
Nice, good work :3
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