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| Francico Young | by zZLazyWolfZz | Francico Young | by zZLazyWolfZz
Love how he came out!~ The P.E Teacher~ He might be tiny but looks can be misleading.

Bullet; RedName : Francico "Frankie or Cisco" Young

Bullet; RedAge: 26

Bullet; RedDate Of Birth: December 30

Bullet; RedGender: male [ trap~ ]

Bullet; RedHeight: 4'7 feet tall.

Bullet; RedWeight: 94 lbs.

Bullet; RedPower: Super Strength, Super Speed, and shifting [tiger]

Bullet; RedSexual Orrientation: bisexual [tens to go to men then women]

Bullet; Red Student/Staff & Class Teaches: Staff and P.E[gym]

Bullet; RedPersonality: Stubborn | Caring | Short-temper | social | quit yet loud|

Bullet; RedBackground: Cisco is a runaway Princess of a kingdom in the jungle, known as El Tigre. Have to get to know him to know more. Throw out his life he was mistaken as a girl, making him have the Title Princess and not Prince. Even today he is mistaken as a girl even when he gets dressed in the locker room. He has the figure and the face of a girl. He keeps a lance around him for unknown reasons.. Eats a lot of food because of his high metabolism.

Bullet; RedLikes and Dislikes:

+Tall people

- people mistaking him as a girl
- laziness
- lions and dogs
- people who whine to much

Bullet; RedRelationships:
white heart bullet "Yellow!~" (Acquaintance)
blue heart bullet "Hey you~" (Familiar)
emerald-green heart bullet "Lets go and eat!~" (Friend)
yellow heart bullet "Lets do some laps!~"(Best Friend)
orange heart bullet " Your family, I'll tell you a big secret of mine." (Like Family)
pink heart bullet "I like you.." (Crush)
:heart: revamp "I wuv you!~" (In a Relationship)
beating heart  "L-lets be together forever okay?" (In love)
:heartbeat: "You. Me. The Maid outfit. The bed. Lets go!" (Sexual Attraction)
purple heart bullet "I'll whack you with this ." (Creped out/Fear)
grey heart bullet "You are shunned."(Dislikes)
Bloody Heart Bullet  "I'm going to kill you with this lance if you talk to me again.." (HATES)

Bullet; RedOthers:
Is mistaken for a girl all the time.
Works for the school
looks younger then his real age
cosplays all the time
has a Brazil Accent
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December 30, 2014
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