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| Deva | by zZLazyWolfZz | Deva | by zZLazyWolfZz
Had to update her. Export lost and something changed.

Bullet; RedName : D-E-V-A / / I-P 2-6-1. Deva for short. {Day-va}

Bullet; RedAge: Doesn't age, looks to be 18 {She is a robotic, doesn't age..}

Bullet; RedDate Of Birth: none. Was made 2/14/????

Bullet; RedGender: Robotic Female

Bullet; RedHeight: 5’2" feet tall

Bullet; RedWeight: unknown, {ROBOIC! TONS Maybe..When carried feels around 89 lbs.}

Bullet; RedPower: Ice Manipulation {Can control, bend, do anything to that deals with ice in it. Like Sub-Zero, Iceman, and Elsa}

Bullet; RedSexual Orrientation: Homosexual {Lesbian}

Bullet; RedYear: Third

Bullet; RedPersonality: Quit | (Can come off) mean | Head-strong | Grumpy | Caring (To those who get close enough) | Emotionless | Stubborn | Inelegant | Antisocial |

Bullet; RedBackground: Doctor Sky Wellson(Younger sister): "Subject D-E-V-A / / I-P 2-6-1. Running up the project again, this time making a new one. Sussing in everything like our M-P Subject we gave It a persona, voice, and less of a mind this time, to avoid losing any data on the subject. 261 failed to have the American tone, having a British tone instead, we think its because of the body we use. The body did come from the United Kingdom area, we all think it depends on where the original body determinants the voice the subject will have. 261 did failed in the "Blood" fusion of the Ice "Blood" in her, we thought she would die like the 260 others but it change her skin to blue, her eyes more robotic, and her person switch from happy to emotionless. But she survived it and is now able to control/ manipulate Ice. She too wanted a name and not a number, we don't know why but the subjects that sussed always want to have a name. So we gave what she wanted and called her Deva. She was perfect, with some glitches here and there, but she was doing good. Until she lose control and froze everything..The data was way lose when the ice melted and turn into water. She put chained her hands so that she wouldn't use her power anymore. Putting her in a cell next to Subject Z-E-L-A / / I-P 1-3-4. Subject D-E-V-A / / I-M 2-6-1 was another failed project.."

Soon being shipped off to the Military with two others, she was free from her chains. She got close to the other two that were like her, showing only them what little emotions that weren't killed off. Being in the military wasn't bad for her. But humans knew she wasn't human. Her icy skin color gave it away and her eyes. But they didn't hurt or picked on her, they accepted the way she is. She came in handy when the ac broke, she did go to the battle field because hot temperatures burn her easily. She mainly was around to help fix things, maintenance work really, but she liked it. She found a love for fixing things. Deva also got very close to the "Little" one of their "Family". Testla. Showing mainly her her affections, since Testla is really the only one who can get close and stay close to her without freezing or getting cold fast. Soon being put back in the chains and shipped off again, she didn't like that. Not at all. But she soon found out that she was no longer needed at the base was to stay in this unknown city/town that has people with powers. She somewhat liked that.Now living in a large beach house with Zela and Testla, she now goes to school as a third year student. She hopes no one will pick on her for being so cold and blue. (Literally Xd)

She shows a bit more emotions now that she is dating someone. She doesn't let others pick on her anyone, standing up for herself and be coming a trouble maker.

Bullet; RedLikes and Dislikes:

+ Cold places

+Fixing things

+Anything blue

+ making ice animals.

- people commenting on her skin and how cold it is around her

-anyone messing with Testla, her lover, and her lover's daughter

- Hot food/temperatures

- people wanting her to show more emotions..

Bullet; RedRelationships: 

white heart bullet "Hello" (Acquaintance)
blue heart bullet "You again.." (Familiar)
emerald-green heart bullet "Snow Buddy.." (Friend)
yellow heart bullet "I can fix that for you.." (Best Friend)
orange heart bullet "If Testla says you are okay, then welcome to the family..." (Like Family)
pink heart bullet "W-what is this warmness in me?.." (Crush)
:heart: revamp "I hope you like coldness, because you'll be around a Ice cube.." (In a Relationship)
beating heart  "I-I think I love you.." (In love)
:heartbeat: "G-go easy on me, I-I might break with the heat~ <3" (Sexual Attraction)
purple heart bullet "Creep.." (Creped out/Fear)
grey heart bullet "Hold still, I'm just going to freeze you into a forever lasting ice cube.."(Dislikes)
Bloody Heart Bullet  "Leave the state. I just might freeze you and take a hammer to you." (HATES)

:icondarthmelevis: Balalaika Algorin: "I love her, She doesn't mind me being so cold to the touch. Plus she is my first love so I will protect her will my all~! Even though she is my teacher, and a bit older but she is mine as I'm her's."

Bullet; RedOthers:

Has a British accent

Loves to fix things

Likes the cold 

Will shut down if she burns up or gets burn to much

is dating her teacher X3

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Hedghog2234 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
wow, really in-depth character design! I like it!
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thanks! I work on Kiskae to get to right.
Hedghog2234 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
cool. ^^
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
yeah!~ ^u^
Hedghog2234 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
A-are you in the group?
Hedghog2234 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
the group? um.... no, i dont think so.
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
awe you should its open to all.
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