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| Chizuru Kazemoto | by zZLazyWolfZz | Chizuru Kazemoto | by zZLazyWolfZz

MY GOD FINALLY! After months and months...I got him up.
So no base. My sister helped me do this, mainly helping me with outlide and showing me how to do the cloths and things like that. So Credit goes to her as well!~ 
chloe-sharne !~
templet at Project-D-A-E-M-O-N !
With the font I couldn't fit the font used for his name and other bio so I had to use a different one...
Player Data for Database


// “…You can hit me...You can bite me... But nobody touches…THE MASK!!"//




Name: Chizuru Kazemoto




Nickname(s): CHI | Zuru | Chiai Pet | Baker | Maskie




Username: Smiley




Gender: male




Age: 1000+ appears to be in mid 20s




Species: Pureblooded Ghoul




Height: 7 ft. but add his shoots being three inches tall he fully stands at 7’3 ft. with shoes.




Weight: 224 lbs., mainly muscles








HP: 165




Level: 1






Strength: 30 l 100




Speed: 30 l 100




Defense: 40 l 100




Stamina: 20l 100




Dexterity: 30 l 100






/Player's Personal Information/




Likes: Flesh | Baking | Cute Things | Heights | Sake | Sleeping | Reading | Being Alone




Dislikes:  Anything very loud | Humans | Tasteless food | Anyone/everyone who touches his mask | Crowds | Ugly things/people




Personality: Quiet, reserved, with loner tendencies. Private and hidden. Has trouble describing feelings, tends to be unemotional. Not very affectionate. Can be insensitive to the misfortunes of others. Isolated and not influenced by others. Avoidant. Not complimentary. More interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family. Disorganized and messy. Can be a risk-taker who lives in the moment. Puts most feeling into baking. Uncomplicated desires. Loyal to peers and own value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting things done. Not comfortable in unfamiliar situations. Fears drawing attention to self.  Will take leadership when needed. Dislikes being touched physically and mentally. Interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things and the fine arts of baking. Detached and analytical, excels at finding solutions to practical problems. Lower energy. Vales codes of honor. Hard to get to know. Pushes people away easily.






     Chi’s family is a long line of ghouls and samurais. He grew up training and followed the code of honor of his family. Other than this he has had a simple life as a ghoul in small town. When he met a young girl, he fell in love with her at first sight. His family didn’t want him to marry her since she was a succubus but he did anyways. Putting down the sword of the family he toke the job as the local baker and a loyal husband.
        Life when on for years like this. He and his wife tried many times to start they own family but it just didn't work. Thus the reason of stop trying and just when on loving each other like they have been for years. His wife, Lilith, worked Magus Estate as co-head maid with Tomoe. Thus the reason he knows one leaders before the Project.
       He met her when stand up to some of the town’s people that were harassing her, but she didn’t want anyone to get hurt though they were messing with her. He still never knew why she just let this go on and smile in the end, but he respected her wishes and let the men get off free. After this he had make melon bread for her from then on. He loved his job, his wife, and life. But nothing good ever lasts long.
      When Chi’s wife finally told him that they were having a child. And it just happen to be when the hurricane hit. Chi tried to keep the peace between the humans and ghouls but end up getting cut in the chest, in an “X” was left on his chest. Of course he took it like nothing being the ghoul he, but it showed the humans that they were harder to kill. When the blood bath came to the town, he witness the horrid death of his beloved wife and almost child, it broke him to the point he didn’t care who was in the way. He wanted revenge on the humans that kill her. But never got it when he was pulled away from the town by his family. This is when he toke up the sword of the family once again and for good. Leaving the town on his family request, he never when back. He has nightmares of seeing the death of his town and wife every night. When overheard some humans talking about Project D-A-E-M-O-N. His search began for it.


*Will update in future* 



/Weapons and Power Information/




Power(s): He doesn’t really have powers but with his ghoul genes, he has super strength (Like all demons) and heightened senses.





Of course with having heighten senses, if using one the other go for a while. If something/someone presses the middle of the “X” on his chest, it will throw him off and make him worry about his body then what is going on. On a second note, there are certain spots of Chizuru that he secretly loves but hates for others to know. His neck, collar bone, hair, and just cooking for him can be his weak spots as well.


Weapon: Bread Knife. Yea fear the baker.


/Inventory Information/




Item(s):  Fox mask that his late wife gave to him, a long black scarf, and two half healing packs




/Roleplay Info/ Where can others contact you when you’re not in the chatroom.




Chatroom Avalibility: Usually everyday. Maybe 2 to 5 hours maybe.




IM Avalibility: Note, skype, and comments




Roleplay Preferences: Check those that apply to you




Romance/Pairing: [Oh yea]




Gore/Torture: [Sometimes]




Casual: [Sometimes]




Fighting: [NO, I just can’t. Unless someone is willing to teach me]




Emotional/Drama: [Sometimes]




Adventure: [Sometimes]




One on One: [Yea]




Group RP’s: [Yea]




AU: [What is this?]




Roleplay Sample:


I do both!! It really depends on the rp


This is from an actual rp


Derek sits on the tall bolder near the river thinking of what he should do to. He could pick Eva, an alpha female, or Deva, a fox, to be his mate for this season. He usually goes with the foxes since they never give birth to his children but he is getting older to where he has to soon find his soul mate. He sighs, not wanting this burden of mating but it’s part of his life, since he isn't interested in girls. "Derek! The Hunt is back!" Ralf howls to the leader's son. Derek nods and jumps down, jogging to his pal. They then rush to the Circle hungry.




Sami: //smiles- hehe well thanks~ I like being out in the sun as well.




/Extra Information/

He is pansexual, has to be on top though, but since his wife isn’t with him he doesn’t want to be with anyone. So he will date someone but is forever single. (Muit ships can happen with him.)

He sees Tomoe more as a daughter to a sister then anything. Nothing more.

Being about to wear his scarf/mask will take grate respect and time. Only one person that is allowed to wear his scarf/mask is Tomoe.

His voice:
Japanese: Grimmjaw from Bleach ( )

American: Aizen from Bleach (
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SkyDuck Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
He seems awesome XD I'd love to RP with you some time!

Morgan: The lowly human took a moment to look at the ghoul. "Did I miss the character creation memo?" She muttered to herself as she quickly pulled up her stats, confirming her own character was of the human race. "Ah whatever… the name's Morgan." She said as her avatar held out a mitten-covered hand. She wasn't aware the 'player' in front of her had something against humans.
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Edited Apr 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
hehe of course ^^

Chizuru: He blinks throw the mask he wears. Just getting in and he meets someone he loathes. "...This is just how I look.." he says calmly, emotionless within his words, and a rasp at the end. Standing there he didn't know whether to shake the piece of meat or not. Thinking hard on this and looks away. "Sorry. My hands are tired." he says as his words are muffled throw his mask.
SkyDuck Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Morgan: Her scanner picked up on her expression, displaying a glare on her avatar. She retracted her hand back to her side. "Jerk." She muttered as she turned away. Morgan waved away her stat menu. She put down her controller and headset for a brief moment and took a bite of her Big Mac. "Not like his stats are that much better anyways."
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Chizuru: "Do you have proof I'm a jerk? No. Because humans lie." he says as his loath of them shows. Taking a step to walk pass her. "I would rethink on what you said." he says to her as he looks down at the girl. With his tallness he has to look down. Of course no one could see the ghoul features of himself since the mask hides them.
SkyDuck Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Morgan: "I will never understand why people let toddlers play these games." She sighed as she set aside her meal and pulled herself together before picking up her controls and headset. "Look, I take it back, it was uncalled for." She said as she looked to the ground in attempts to hide her insincere apology from the much taller individual. "In all honesty though, everybody lies." Morgan sighed as her avatar attempted to walk off a second time.
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Chizuru: "Not all." He says looking back at her walking away. (OMG so sorry for the line >>ll I'm like so busy and this is all I can come up with...So sorry!!)
SkyDuck Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
((np XD wanna rp in notes some time? Sorry this is so late OTL))
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
(Oh nono its fine. ^u^ And sure.)
Blaze-Silvthril Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
he turned out really awesome great job ren :iconsmile-luplz:
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hehe thanks!!
xXRed-Ridding-HoodXx Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh damn
he hot~
Exo : Kai Lipswipe 
zZLazyWolfZz Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I know right~? XD
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