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| Azuma Hiroe | {HAApp} by zZLazyWolfZz | Azuma Hiroe | {HAApp} by zZLazyWolfZz


Name: Azuma Hiroe

Age: 16

Date of birth: 4/5

Race: Half Japanese half German

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship status: Single


Height: 5'2 ft 

Weight: 113 lbs

Eye color: Right: venom green as the iris is snake like | Left: electric purple as the iris is normal

Skin color: Dark Cinnamon

Distinguishing features: "Hm have to look at me to know." -Azuma

Build of body: Slender, short, curvy and feminine 

Hair color: Icy blue that go to purple at the ends

Hair style: Reaches tailbone, straight, pulls back bangs

Tattoos: Has one. A snake on her lower back

Piercings: none

Typical clothing: cute, Gothic, and comfy


Like: Cold weather, stuff animals, playing with own/other hair, apples, reptiles, amphibians , sleeping, and the rain.

Dislikes: Hot weather, dogs, being alone, tasteless food, loud people/places, bugs, and others staring at her.

Education(s): middle school + a year of high school

Fears: Being stare at, being forever alone, and bugs

Personal goals: To get her first kiss taken away from the love of her life, finding a boyfriend, get two inches taller, and make three real friends.

What she pretends and what others see:
 Outgoing, social, open, does not like being alone. Easy to read. Warm-hearted and popular. Tends to put the needs of others over their own needs. Interested in serving others. Values relationships and families over intellectual pursuits. Group oriented, affectionate, complimentary, loving, considerate, and altruistic. Feels a strong sense of responsibility and duty. Innocent Minded. Well-developed sense of space and function. Organized. Follows the rules. A planner. Regular, orderly, clean. A finisher. Consults others before acting. Dutiful. Values traditions and security. Values organized religion. Thinks life has purpose and meaning. Likely to be intolerant of differences. Need positive reinforcement to feel good about self. Content. Positive. Loves getting massages.
But how she is when alone and how she really is:
Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Loner, avoidant, solitary, private. Can feel uncomfortable around others. Does not like crowds. An observer. A hermit. Interested in understanding and helping people. Creative and smart. Likes esoteric things. Can feel defective. Ambivalent of the rules. Strives to live in accordance with a well-developed value system. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Can be submissive. Disorganized and prone to quitting. Acts without planning or thinking. Frequently losing things. Disorderly, easily distracted. Not punctual. Not always prepared. Prone to confusion and irresponsibility. Innocent minded. Prone to quitting. Prone to lateness. Attracted to sad things and prone to sadness. Prone to feelings of loneliness. Daydreams about being normal. Focus on fantasies. Prone to dreaming about a rescuer. Low self-confidence, emotionally moody. Can be overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings. Wounded at the core easily. Feels shame. Prone to feeling discouraged. Can sabotage self. Leans to self harm then talking it out. Sometimes can't control fearful thoughts. Prone to crying. Prone to regret. Frequently second-guesses self. Can feel victimized. Can be pessimistic.

Energy level: Very high to very low, depends on her mood.

Memory: Very high

Eye sight: has to wear glass/contracts.


Parents: Kira Schmidt, died at the age of 43. Eio Hiroe, still alive, 45. 

Siblings: None.

Any enemies: some here and there.

Children: Nope Is a virgin

Friends: None at the moment

Best friends: None at the moment

Important friends/relatives: Her father.

Love interest: None at the moment

Occupation: Herpetologist in training. Working with the amphibians and reptiles in the zoo in the city outside of the town.


Dorm: Dark Knight district
Year: Second Year
Dorm Number: E1
Power(s): Poison and Ice manipulation.
ID Number: AH#481663
Club(s): Student counsel and swim
Whats on he/she all the time?: Her phone, wallet, ID Card, and hair pins.
What did he/she bring for her room?: Purple bed sheets and covers, some posters of her favorite bands, clothes, bathroom supplies, some stuff animals, her laptop, and a lamp.
Reason for coming to this Academy: Azuma got a scholarship to this school when she met the Headmistress of Hidden Academy one day in middle school. The Headmistress toke a liking to her. Making her want to watch her more closely. Not in a creepy way more of a motherly way.When she hit high school, she when to an all girl high school for a year then transfer over Hidden Academy when the remodeling finished. 


Hobbies/pastimes: Sleeping, playing with her hair, taking care of amphibians and reptiles at a zoo, swimming, and sleeping when she can.

Guilty pleasures: Her hair, sides, and ears being touch, collecting stuff animals, snakes, and taking showers.

Any unhealthy habits: Spend to much time with snakes and being in water, eats to much apples, playing with other's hair, faking who she really is, and fake smiling to much.

Talents: Can make poisons like nothing, cutting and styling hair, staying underwater for a long time, and make ice from water.

Azuma comes from a wealthy family. Had everything she wanted, making her a bit spoiled as a child. This all changed when her mother died from kidney cancer. Her father want nothing of his beloved wife so he moved himself and his daughter out of Japan and to America. There they nested in a mid size house. Azuma had to change her spoiled ways to working hard. She got use to it have a few years. Her Mother genes of possessing powers passed down to her when she turn the age of third-teen. This is when she almost froze her father half to death but her mother's voice calm her down. This period of her life turn make it harder to have friends since her hair turn Icy blue, was cold to the touch as well as killing most of the plants in the house with her sneezes (I know a bit funny but it happen), and her right eye turn venom green and more like a snake's eye. Azuma then when down a dark spire and never was the same. Though she put on a fake mask to mislead others and her father thinking that she is fine and doing better. 

When she interred the seventh grade she met a mother of one of her "friend's". When the lady learned of the girl's past she was very interested since she too possess powers. She was the wife and Headmistress of an academy in an unknown town named Hidden Academy. When the lady gain the trust of Azuma she gave her a scholarship to her academy to help her with her powers and to watch over her as if she was her mother.

When she was about to go into the Academy, she couldn't since it was under remodeling. So she had to wait a year to enter like the others and when into American high school in her city. It was/is an all girl school so it was a bit of a change but got use to it since she didn't have to worry getting all dolled up for guys in the school like she did in middle school for her first crush. It didn't last long since he called her an "Ugly Snake Girl". Thus the reason why she dyed they bottom of her hair purple and gain a fear of being staring at. Going on with her high school life like others but hiding the fact she has powers and soon her fear of being stared at turn into a phobia. Scopophobia in the few months of bullied in middle school after getting turned down by her first crush.

When she was called from the Headmistress, it was exciting news. So now she moved to the unknown town, leaving her father in America, the bullying. She still hiding who she ready is, but its more of a reflex to her now. No one has found out how she really is and she wants it to stay like that.

Now in the town, still waiting for the school year to start, she got herself a job as a Herpetology in training in the city outside of the town. She can relate to a snake more then any person/animal since she can control poison. Got a tattoo of a snake on her lower back and a pet snake.

Style of speaking: soft, sweet, a bit raspy. Very much like Fluttershy's voice. (from My Little Pony)

Volume of voice: quit soft spoken.

Favorite colors: 
what she puts on for people: Bright, fun colors.
What she really likes: Dark, neon colors.


  • Has a Japanese to American tone.
  • Split persona thing going on
  • doesn't know when people are being perverted.
  • Has an albino Boa Constrictor as a pet.
If the picture is blurry for unknown reasons here is a link to the full pic of her: Azuma
Azuma: MINEtemple: Me and :iconhidden-academy:
Base: Got it from google 
Stash pic of what it looked liked before I did my trace work:Anime Girl Render By 12yuriko12-d6d1uqd
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