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Andrew Kent's Chimera Academy app! by zZLazyWolfZz Andrew Kent's Chimera Academy app! by zZLazyWolfZz
this is Superman/Clark Kent's son!! soo yeah! this is a new style of art I'm trying out!! 
this is the Meta-Human Science teacher~

Basic Information

Fist name: Andrew
Middle name: Kal
Last name: Kent
Full Name: Andrew Kal Kent
Nick-name: Any, Kal, Soldier, Superman, and Teach.
Age: 25
Race/Species: Half human and half Kryptonian
Birthday: (MM/DD/YY): 6/11/1989
Time of Birth: 8:12 P.M.
Country of Origin: why must you know this info
Birthplace: really -.-ll. Stalker!
Languages know/speak: English, German, Japanese, Kryptonian, and Russian.
Native Language: English and some Kryptonian
Religion: none.

Education: 198.5
Weapons/Offensive equipment: me.
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: my Note book| my body and mind| and a necklace that Kate gave me.
Money/Amount of: I get $140 each week at the school and $50 each week at my other job
Transportation: car, train, running, and flying


Recent Pictures: yesterday at the park with Blake and Kate.
Blood Type: all four types.
Height: 5’10
Weight: 210 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair: (Color and Length): brunette, shoulder length, grows down to his ears.
Skin: (Color/Complexion): Tan.
Figure/Build: muscular and tone.


Distinguishing Marks:
-Tattoo(s): His family crescent,(the S) on his right shoulder blade and a Snake on his left wrist.
-Scars: none
-Piercing Style: four cuff on each ear that is connected by a chain that goes to a dull circular ear ring.
-Clothing Style: simple and regal


Currently Lives: In my room that the school gave me.
-With who: someone, but we don’t see each other much at all.
-what did you bring for clothing, bedding, etc: clothing, bathing things, red and blue bedding, food, video games, and Xbox 360 consol, with a gamer chair and headphones with mice.

Hobbies: taking care of kids, taking and hanging with Blake, teaching, reading, running, swimming, and reporting sometimes to the local newspaper.

Power(s): …like my fathers.
Strengths: mostly anywhere.

Weaknesses: most Kryptonite


Love interest(s): no one!
-Crush: no really| with pink Kryptonite: Blake Wayne

Diet: none

Drinker?: with friends really
Smoker?: no!
Drug user?: no
Other addictions?: nope
Allergies: nope
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Noo! Stop asking these kind of questions!!
Any medication regularly taken: pain pills for neck pain.
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles?  Yes!
Pet Peeves: 1.keep Kryptonite away from me. 2. Don’t ask me out when you know it won’t happen. And 3. Don’t bring drama to me

Basic description: meh lazy looking with messed up hair, and clothing being simple.
Personality: nice | sweet| long-temper| annoy easily|
Likes: Teaching, Technology, Kids, animals, food, and working out.
Dislikes: bullies, doing nothing, snobs, cooking meals for myself, abuse people.
Motivations: my father and friends
Fears/Phobias: hurting people for what I can do and who I am.
Favorite quote: “If someone knocks you down, get back up.”
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite drink: tea and frozen drinks
Favorite color: red, blue, yellow, black, and gold
Favorite song: “Oh No You Didn't”
Favorite movie: “Police Academy”
Favorite sport: Hockey
Favorite book: “Alice In Wonderland.”
Other favorites: …stop asking weird questions like this!

Dislike quote: “Can I use Google to search that up”
Dislike food: Hot Dogs
Dislike drink: Diet sodas and things with Diet in it
Dislike color: PINK
Dislike song: “What Makes You Beautiful”
Dislike movie: that’s a hard one…
Dislike sport: Baseball
Dislike book: ah! How can I ever dislike a book!
Other Dislikes:. Again with this question...-.-


-Parents: Clark Kent and Lois Lane
-Siblings: unknown
-Other close relatives: Unknown
-Friends: Blake, Kate, and others but they don’t want to be named.
-Partner: 0.0 why would you ask this!!
-Other Important Relatives/Friends: meh
-Enemies: most people since I’m the son of Clark Kent, A.K.A- Superman.
-Pet(s): a cat named Moe Moe.


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
Peaceful or aggressive attitude?: both but mainly peaceful
Fighting skills/techniques: hand to hand combat and sometimes using his powers.
Weapon of choice (if any): his laser beans


-Early Childhood: Growing up was fair, but both parents really was there much so he was with a babysitter most of his life.
-Teen life: when his parents weren't there, he would go out and have fun. Or when the Wayne family came to town, he would go and spend most of his time there with Blake. Soon he had feeling for Blake, but those were hidden from everyone, and lose those feeling when Blake got a girlfriend and didn't spend much time with him. So a few years later, Andrew moves to New York to go to school. And when this happen- he and Blake meet up again, thus they hang out again but soon after awhile when they did, Blake has taking care of a little girl. Andrew never meet or even said hi when she was over. And so they grew apart again.
-Adulthood: he was asked to teach at this school, he takes it. Not knowing his childhood friend was the Headmaster at this Academy. When he saw Blake, he froze. Not wanting to be ripped apart again so he tries his best to avoid his childhood friend, but it didn't work. Blake kept visiting his classroom and tries to fill in the large gap between them. And so they did. But one day, Kate, a student of his, gave him a necklace that had pink Kryptonite lined in it with green Kryptonite around it so when he tries to take it off, he can’t. (She also gave one to Blake. That one is where it’s also lined with pink Kryptonite but no green) so when Blake when near Andrew, it actives the pink Kryptonite in both, making Andrew fall in love with Blake. Both men don’t even know that Kate did this to them. So now Blake is a bit scared to get even close to his best friend, but they somehow try to get around it and stay friends!


Teacher teaches Meta-Human Science for all grades and all hours, till school is over.

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June 15, 2014
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