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Woman and Cats How-To Advanced

My friend Asiris helped me to translate the tutorial and to prepare the layout for uploading it to DA.
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wow, this is a superb job!
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Thanks for making such an interesting tutorial!
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i'll try this. i want to do it :) thanks for sharing
YaYaOo's avatar
bellissime illustrazioni!
io non ho ancora imparato bene a usare i gradients
grazie del tutorial
Mirix's avatar
I really enjoyed it! It's still at moments a bit of step by step tutorial but you don't only teach people to follow your every step, rather how to think and you give some remarks which can make vector drawing more organized and easier to correct. As well you give tips, very important ones, how to prepare yourself to vector drawing, how to choose colors, how to go about light, wish I could read more of it!.. Oh yes, Internet, and not only it, is filled with resources on this kind of stuff! Better get learning, thehehe :aww: So overall it's not a plain tutorial, yet it's simple enough to understand and for that I'm glad! :)
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was clicking through your gallery getting eager to know how your approach with illustrating might be... found this then... tnx for this !!! btw. love your work!!!
Zooreka's avatar
I faved and bad...

Will definitely give this a look - havent done any pure Illy for a fe years now so hope I can learn something as well as brush up on some of the old skills. I believe Adobe have changed stuff again such as default behaviour of the pathfinder... Masty. How can none teach anymore without constantly having to re-learn stuff with every update???

sarch's avatar
genial tecnica, felicidades y gracias por los tips
ert69's avatar
Thats crazy! Im a complete noob when it comes to such things.. Deffo need to try and learn how to do that.. Faved :)
Riveena's avatar
Awesome! Thanks a lot!
Fruity-Tuity's avatar
1weirdsoul1's avatar
Best vector tutorial ever!

Thank you.
sspice313's avatar
Wow. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
marleni16's avatar
thank u love it
VooDooRayo's avatar
nice1 thanks m8
nevolen's avatar
Very good job.
Little-colibri's avatar
Wow this is very hepful, thank you so much !
this tutorial is wonderful...thanks a million for ur effort it putting it together for us

i love ur illustration style
redisoj's avatar
Интересная техника... не совсем понятная... Жалко что не на русском.
Zzanthia's avatar
А вы в векторе рисуете? просто это специфичная техника, со своими заморочками
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