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:iconzzadkiel:zzadkiel posted a status
I was tagged in this "get to know me more" meme thing and I'll only tag Masaomicchi back in it beCAUSE BAE WANTS TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME??? AHH?? If you wanna do it, though, feel free to.

Name: zzadkiel / zad / zaddy whatevs

Star sign: Leo (RAWRRR XDDDD)

Average hours of sleep: if I have a good day, I manage to get maybe 8 hours lmao

Lucky number:
oh frick uHM idek I have a thing for numbers where I find certain numbers pretty and others not so much, so... any number I find pretty???

Last thing I googled: "leg action" because i hate my classmates and it's an ongoing inside joke in our atelier

When I started this account:
Mar 29, 2015 - so almost two years now!!

Amount of watchers: 
60 - and I love each and every one of them. ;; v ;;

What do I post:
trash obviously

Do I run any more blogs: 
I used to run a few tumblrs - but they got abandoned;;
old as balls twitter I really only use to vent and ramble on (or start another apocalypse while I'm at it HAHHAH)
Does TH count as a blog? I think so???
Do I get a lot of comments: sometimes, and most times nah ; v ;

Why did I choose this username: I've been going by "Zadkiel" or variations of it for ages now and it's that one name that really stuck with me.
zadkiel was taken already, so I thOUGHT "double the z and you're cool"

THIS IS REALLY USELESS BUT AHHH THANKS FOR READING ANYWAYS???? if you wanna know more, i'm so okay with talking - but I'm a shy sausage and yeee (/ m \) <3

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