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Birdfolk MYO Contest Entry: AJAX by zzadkiel Birdfolk MYO Contest Entry: AJAX by zzadkiel
cries i wanted to make it fully painted and all fancy, but then i realized the contest ends TONIGHT and not tomorrow;;;; i have been consumed by junkenstein's revenge a lil bit toooooo much i guess - but i gOT ALL THE SKINS I CARE ABOUT <3

i'll definitely fix EVERYTHING sometime soon and paint it and a lot more details;; but hereeee's my entry (super edgy) baby <3 info follows below!!
you don't know how freaking long i played around with the colours... otl

Birdfolk (c) Kel-Del 
Contest Journal:

AJAX was (and still is, to be honest) a very narcissistic bird. He prides himself with his beautiful feathers and their colour and frequently looks down on the other birds he comes across. Now, karma got him for all these things he'd said and thought about the looks of others, his attempts to make himself even more beautiful. Corruption struck. Once the cracks appeared and his beautiful feathers were threatened to get consumed by the corruption, too, he took drastic measures.

Ajax ripped them out in a desperate attempt to preserve their beauty.
To hide all these new imperfections, he bandaged up the cracks, trying to cover the spikes with the ripped out feathers.
His personality took a shift, too, now more than ever conscious of his looks. Worried about judgement.
His cape bares three eyes in an attempt to keep beings from creeping up behind him. 

It's been said that the corrupted bird sometimes attacks gorgeous birds he met on his way, overcome by jealousy; and the nicest feathers he keeps as trophies...
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October 30, 2017
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