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Hey guys and Happy Early Halloween
Hey Guys and I will give to this a present, Thank you guys are amazing thank for these guys to create the best sleeping characters to these :happybounce:    :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink)  
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This is not interesting. This is ugly looking. This is without effort. This is bad. You can post it, just don't ask for a critique. Thi...

by dahhez

OMG, what can I say about this?! It's so tiring! I mean, tiring in a good way! She looks like she's just about to fall asleep after sty...

This is very interesting! I must ask, where did you get the idea? Oh, I got it from over there. Um, I wasn't talking to you. Grr! I'll ...




Plot twist!  I got every single sticker in Papa's Bakeria and unlocked the B outfit for every single customer! ^^

(Of course, since it's not a self-referential achievement game, there's no sticker for getting every other sticker. kek)


If you have not yet played the Fate of April, do not read this journal, as it will spoil quite a massacre and make the game experience less pleasant.

You wake up on April 1 and see that a fun carnival has opened. However, to your utter horror, the whole town (except you) is sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. You then realize the downside to your Sandman attitude in the previous two games and how it has affected the present for you. You are then determined to redeem yourself by doing the opposite of your former actions... you must wake everyone up.

Red Houses

Kyle: He sleeps in the rightmost red house. The first time you go in, you observe that he snores loudly albeit being a light sleeper, and has an unexpected Putin statue. Click on the broom to try to take it; you will get a message that you don't want to steal from him after breaking his video game in AFD2. Then click on Kyle to ask for the broom, and he will stay awake.

Morgan: He sleeps in the middle red house. By his footboard is a television. Use the remote control from Kyle's windowsill to turn it on. The first time Morgan wakes up, he will explain that he was absent-minded enough to provide his pig with cat food, so that you can take the dish of cat food right outside the house.

Putin: He sleeps right outside the middle red house (because he is Morgan's pet). Take the hose by Regan's and use it on the faucet sticking out of the house; this will wash the mud off Putin but he will continue to sleep. To wake Putin at this point you merely need to keep repeatedly clicking him, and he will eventually wake up.
Before the red van gets boarded, you should use the broom from Kyle's to wipe the mud out of it. If Putin sinks into the van's mud he will fall asleep, and you will be forced to hurt him with the broom.

Regan: He sleeps in the leftmost red house. Inside his closet, get his blue glasses. Then hand them over to him, and he will happily wake up. Do not talk to him when he wakes up; if you do, there is a minor chance he'll go back to sleep.

Orange Houses

Georgia & Friene: They sleep in the leftmost orange house. Give Georgia a yellow cupcake from Regan's refrigerator. This will get Georgia up, and then Friene up immediately afterwards.

Aqua: She sleeps in the middle orange house. Take the green bucket from your tent and fill it with water using Regan's faucet. Then dump the water on Aqua. (This is indicated when you read her book.) In the slim chance she falls back asleep you will have to do this again.

Eleina: She sleeps in the rightmost orange house. To wake her, you must first visit either the Leonards' house (green) or pick up Danny's dream card in the Lore of Dreams. Once you do either of that, simply click on Eleina and she will wake up. She will unlock waking & sleeping potions that she only tested on Potassium Boy; and she also explains how the Lore of Dreams works.

Yellow Houses

Danwersa: He sleeps in the left yellow house. He rolls over every few minutes in his sleep. Grab his iPod from Regan's (red) house, and also the carnival poster from the computer station. Place the poster on the bulletin in Danwersa's. If Danwersa is facing you, wait for him to roll over so that he faces away. Then hand him the iPod. He will open his eyes and immediately see the poster, thereby waking up.

Aster: He sleeps in the left yellow house (being Danwersa's pet). Stroke him by holding down space and clicking him (as hinted whenever you click him normally). Continue doing this numerous times and he will eventually wake up. (Conveniently, you can hold down the left mouse button and space and just wait.) However, if Danwersa is still asleep at the time he will go back to sleep in a matter of seconds, so it is recommended to wake Danwersa first.
On the van, seeing Tuck sleep will get Aster to drift off to sleep. Make sure Tuck is up, and if Aster is still sleeping in the van, stroke him repeatedly as before.

Tuck: He sleeps right outside the right yellow house (being Potassium Boy's pet), and he is too heavy for your arms. Reach underneath him using the crowbar. Do this three times and he'll roll out of the water and wake up. (There is no point penalty for leaving Tuck on his side, but he'll keep sleeping.)
Before the yellow van gets boarded, you should place the crowbar into the puddle of water in the van. Once on the van, Tuck will not fall asleep because he dislikes the crowbar being in the way; but without the crowbar, he'll doze off in no time whatsoever.

Potassium Boy: He sleeps in the right yellow house. To wake him, use a waking potion that Eleina unlocked for you. (She said she only tested them on K Boy.) This may take a few tries, however.

Green Houses

There is only one green house shared by the four, because they are all family.

Danny: Waking him can't be directly done in the house. To wake Danny, you are supposed to go to the Lore of Dreams and enter his dream (by inserting the card into the wall and sleeping in the bed, as explained by Eleina). You find yourself on a pink terrain with a black spot and a ladder. Also, look into your inventory and you'll see a gun and a banana peel, rather than the things you just had. Place the banana peel on the black spot, then go up the ladder. Danny is hopping on five clouds. Use the gun to shoot the clouds. For the first few tries, the clouds will regenerate; continue to shoot them and eventually there will be none left and Danny will fall. Go back down (press S) and he slips on the banana peel, waking up from his dream and forcing you out of it.

Sammy: You don't actually wake him. Upon moving to different places sufficiently many times after Danny wakes up, and then returning to the Leonards' house, Sammy will wake up.

Jedi & Headeye: The idea here is to be the rabbits' caregiver. Refill your green bucket with water from Regan's tap. Take the funnel from inside his house; you will need it. Then take one of the carrots from Morgan's little garden. Go to the cage with the rabbits and place the funnel on top of the thin bottle, then pour water through there. Then, place the carrot at the front of the cage, and the rabbits will wake up (even though you didn't technically trigger them up). Be careful: if time passes they will actually eat up the carrot and drink up the water and fall back asleep, unless you resupply them.
Once on the van, place a full carrot on the green mat and they will stay awake for sure.

Blue Houses

Timothy: He sleeps in the left blue house. After the yellow van is boarded, click on Potassium Boy's pillow, and you will find the slip of paper from AFD!: "No one will ever show up again until you wake everyone up!" (Speaking to Potassium Boy on the van before getting the slip of paper will indicate.) Then sign the slip on the counter in Timothy's house, and put it by his bed. Then let time pass and he'll eventually be up.

Spotty: She sleeps in the left blue house (being Timothy's pet). Open the green refrigerator with the paw print on it, and you will find some dog treats and a dish of dog food. The dog treats won't work though. You must take the dog food dish and feed it to Spotty. That will wake her up. Unfortunately, she will fall back asleep if too much time passes before boarding of the blue van.
Once the van is boarded, you should take the stick from underneath the purple van and put it with Spotty. Without it she will fall asleep, and you will be forced to poke her with the stick thereby lowering your score.

Nicolas: He sleeps in the right blue house, and occasionally rolls over just like Danwersa. It is hinted that his bed is constructed with screws, and that he can barely sleep without it. Thus take the screwdrivers from the Leonards' (green) house and use them to unscrew Nicolas' bed. The bed will collapse and Nicolas will wake up. Be careful that the bed does not collapse while he is rolling over.

Finny: She sleeps in the right blue house (being Nicolas' pet), and won't wake up for cheese. Waking her requires you to first wake someone in a higher-level quadruple. First, wake Tiger (he's in the purple house; look below to see how). Then carry him over to the right blue house, and put him on the clickable blank spot right next to Finny. He will viciously scare her up.
To wake her on the van, you need to use the blender from Aqua's room.  There is a clickable spot on the van right behind Finny; place the blender there and she will never fall asleep near it.  However, if she's already asleep she'll stay asleep; in this case you need to click on her to make her notice.

Purple Houses

Just like the Leonards, there is only one purple house shared by the four because they're family.

Tiger: Use the cat food that Morgan told you to take. However, it is not just that simple; it won't wake Tiger immediately. You must wave your mouse around the screen fast enough for him to smell it, when indicated. (In the purple house, the speed of your mouse relative to the screen zoom is measured.)
Note that you must wake Tiger in order to wake Finny in the blue house. Also, if you leave Tiger in the pet bed he'll fall back asleep over time, but if you are carrying him he won't.
To prevent Tiger from falling asleep in the purple van, place the cat food on the gray metal spot. It'll be easier than it was in the house.

Peter: Waking Peter requires you to enter his dream through the Lore of Dreams, just like you did Danny. But it's more difficult and mysterious. For starters, it only works if the other five vans have all been boarded already. If any of the vans besides the purple one has not been boarded, Peter's dream will just be a useless void of space. Once those five vans have been boarded, you can wake Peter as follows.
You'll see that Peter is dreaming that he's sleeping (yes, sleeping in his own dream!) in an outdoor spring-like setting with a rainbow and flowers. Right of him is a blue fountain. It does not emit water, but it does emit The Rejuvenation Goddess ---- a figure that will let you wake Peter only if you pass a quiz on the entire AFD series (AFD!, AFD2 and FOA). Once you take & pass the quiz, you will then end up asking for the lightning-strike power to wake Peter.
Use the lightning-strike on Peter once to wake him within the dream. Then use it a second time to get him out of the dream. (The power doesn't work outside the dream.)

Benjamin: He mutters his catchphrase "on top of the solar system" in his sleep. This gives you the hint to take the mobile of the solar system from Potassium Boy's closet, and place it on the ceiling of the purple house. Once that is done, you can wake Benjamin, but this is the only skill-based part of the game. When you click the mobile, you must (when indicated) spin it fast enough to wake Benjamin, but not so fast that Nathan bursts into tears.
(A strategy would be to set the screen to full-screen and move the mouse moderately speedy; for me that always made this part easy.)

Nathan: Wait until there is no one else sleeping in the room, and click on him. He'll reluctantly wake up. (He has a 1/7 chance of waking up if there is someone else sleeping in the room.)
Nathan is the only human being who is prone to sleeping in the van in FOA, because his brothers were generous enough to put a sleeping bag in the van. To keep him awake, take the educational tape player from Eleina's and plug it into the unseen outlet on the right side.

After Vans are Boarded

Once all six vans are boarded, you can try to cast them off through the departing meter right of them. However, this will not work with anyone sleeping in the vans; everyone must be awake. Read above in this walkthrough guide if you are unsure how to wake the sleepers. Once everyone is awake, cast them off.

The vans then make their way to the carnival, and you follow along. Sure enough, everyone is enjoying some carnival fun. After much of it, however, things get weird in front of your eyes. Then you find yourself in bed in the middle of the night, which reveals that the entire quest was your dream and the Big Sleep was in your imagination.

Now you're back in the game, but in reality in the middle of the night. Everyone is sleeping and you can see this (leaving your bed to see the others is completely optional). To end the game, go back to (your own) bed. Your blissful sleep will clear up your personality of a Sandman and make you normal again, concluding the AFD series.

Passwords for Computer Station and their Derivations

Important Note- none of the inscribed clues are visible when you wake up from the dream at nighttime

lemozzzs: Above the basketball hoop at the blue houses, there is a message "z = [picture of lemon] - n + [upside-down kale]," and right outside the purple house it says "[upside-down kale] = zzzs." From these clues one immediately obtains "z = lemozzzs." Thus when you enter the password "lemozzzs" into the computer station, you unlock the Z-Pad.

turncenti: Inside the purple van, specifically on the window, it says "live with [infinity symbol][envelope symbol]." In Kyle's house it says "[infinity symbol] Down for What," with the symbol identical to that in the van. In Eleina's house it says "There are 100 [envelope symbol]meters in a meter," though you have to take the educational tape player to see. Knowing the DJ Snake - Lil Jon song "Turn Down for What," you can deduce "turn" for the infinity symbol. Since a meter is 100 centimeters, you get "centi" for the envelope symbol. Thus from the van clue one concludes that the password for live notifications is "turncenti" and can enter that into the computer station.

retapetle: Inside Potassium Boy's house, it says "[easter egg] = re**p**l*" on the wall, and inside the Leonards' above the octagon-shaped window, it says "* = t, a, e, t, e," although they may be hard to read due to the similar colors. Substituting the asterisks of "re**p**l*" with t, a, e, t, e in order yields this password "retapetle." When that is entered into the computer station, it gives yet another clue: "Once a certain pet has boarded the van, click on it while holding down the 'J' key on the keyboard."

Since 'J' is the first letter of Jedi, and she's a bunny, and the Leonards have mentioned Easter, you then know to click on Jedi in the van while holding down the 'J' key on the keyboard.

Answers & Explanations for the Rejuvenation Goddess' Quiz

Here are the answers and explanations to the quiz. These questions are in the order that I wrote them, but the goddess asks them in a varying random order every time.

Q: Excluding yourself and drivers, how many people will be going to the carnival?
A: 16
E: The number of human beings going to the carnival. 8 of the characters are pets.

Q: Of the 24 characters being awakened for the vans, how many are female?
A: 7
E: The Gorgeous Girls, along with Jedi, Spotty and Finny.

Q: In April Fool’s Day!, who was the last character you got to sleep?
A: Finny
E: After using the snore-infected cheese to get Finny to sleep, everyone was sleeping.

Q: In April Fool’s Day 2, who was the first boy you got to sleep?
A: Kyle
E: From "playing" his video game to kill time so that Potassium Boy would be done with his workout. Note that it is possible in AFD2 to get Friene and Georgia to sleep before Kyle, but Kyle is necessarily the first boy you got to sleep.

Q: Name one of the pets that was not with their owner in the first two AFD games.
A: Jedi / Headeye
E: The rabbits were in AFD! but the owners were in AFD2. These were the only pets separated from the owners in the first two games, and the Leonard boys wept about it a bit in AFD2. Note that you cannot answer "the rabbits," because the question said "Name one of the pets."

Q: In April Fool’s Day 2, who owns the treadmill that Potassium Boy was seen using?
A: Kyle
E: Potassium Boy was running on the treadmill in Kyle's house at the very beginning of the game.

Q: In April Fool’s Day!, who owns the fishing hook you used to break the mirror?
A: Nicolas
E: Nicolas shows up with the fishing hook in AFD! and says he was previously fishing. Also, if you try to take the hook before he sleeps, he says "Hands off my fishing hook!"
(Note that this question loads the longest for having the most acceptable answers to render.)

Q: Excluding yourself, how many sleeping characters in total are there in April Fool’s Day 2?
A: 14
E: You get 11 people to sleep in AFD2. However, the game also has cameos of Putin, Aster and Tuck sleeping which are irrelevant to the gameplay. They count as sleeping characters. (The sleeping characters in the video Blue that you watch with Regan don't count, because that's a video relative to the virtual game world.)

Q: In April Fool’s Day!, how many snores did it take to make a bed attractive?
A: 12
E: Recall the paper high up above Peter's bed in AFD!. It states that 12 snores make a bed attractive. Thus you knocked 12 of Peter's snores through the ground portal to get Benjamin to sleep, and knocked 12 of Nathan's snores via mirror to get Timothy to sleep.

Q: Is Aster awake right now? (answer yes or no)
A: Yes / No, depending on whether he is awake
E: This is the only question in the quiz whose correct answer depends on how you have played the game to this point. If Aster is awake you must answer "yes"; if he's asleep you must answer "no." It would really help if you unlocked the Z-Pad and live notifications, as that would make it easier for you to know.
(Aster will not change sleeping state during the time of the quiz.)

Q: In April Fool’s Day!, which pet feel asleep *without* eating anything?
A: Tiger
E: Jedi and Headeye ate a snore-infected carrot. Spotty ate a snore-infected dog treat. Finny ate snore-infected cheese. However, Tiger fell asleep by merely leaping into Benjamin's snores.

Q: How many treadmills are seen in April Fool’s Day 2?
A: 3
E: Kyle's treadmill (that Potassium Boy was using), Potassium Boy's treadmill (in his own living room), and Danwersa's treadmill.

For Your Amusement

The following are bad actions that could make your score go down. Only try them after you've beaten the game. If you're sensitive to the side effects, save your progress beforehand.

Have you tried...
* Clicking on Kyle or Regan before clicking anything else in their houses?
* Giving Morgan a yellow cupcake?
* Giving Morgan the remote control while he's watching TV, then staying in the game for several minutes?
* Using the broom on Putin's body, either by the house or on the van?
* Giving a yellow cupcake to either Friene, Aqua or Eleina?
* Giving Aqua a celery stick?
* Taking the poster off Danwersa's bulletin after he wakes up, then staying in the game for several minutes?
* Waking Aster when Danwersa is still sleeping?
* Repeatedly stroking Aster when he is awake, either in the house or on the van?
* Feeding Potassium Boy a sleeping potion (when he is either asleep or awake in his house), rather than a waking potion?
* Shooting the clouds in Danny's dream without the banana peel on the ground?
* Picking up the sleeping Sammy just like in April Fool's Day 2?
* Providing the rabbits with half a carrot (either in the house or on the van) rather than a full carrot?
* Dumping a whole bucket of water onto the rabbits?
* Feeding Spotty dog treats instead of dog food?
* Using Aqua's blender directly on Finny?
* Waking Finny up with cheese?
* Putting Tiger next to Finny while he is still asleep?
* Putting Tiger next to Finny when she is in the van?
* Blowing the airhorn in the Kiang family's house (before the purple van is boarded)?
* Spinning the solar system mobile in the Kiang family's house too fast (before the purple van is boarded)?
* Various things at nighttime after the carnival story scene? (They can't harm you because you've technically already completed the game.)
The Fate of April - Walkthrough Guide
Caution: Do not read this if you have not played the game!  It is full of spoilers!
Countdown to 2019!
2019 is the last year in the current decade, and also the last year in the current zodiac cycle (year of the pig)!  Doesn't time fly like crazy?  This is why I know things will dramatically change when it arrives.

(1) The project abides by whatever time zone you open it on.
(2) At 11:59 PM on 12/31/2018, the countdown will have big flashing numbers at the top of the screen.
(3) Once it's 2019, this project will display a cool lighting of the year!  *I plan to take this deviation down on January 6.
Favorite Platonic solid?
5 deviants said Cube / Hexahedron
2 deviants said Dodecahedron
1 deviant said Octahedron
No deviants said Tetrahedron
No deviants said Icosahedron



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Sleep Mast R reviews How It All Ended - BOTO 13

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 1, 2018, 2:33 PM
So the episode starts with a newspaper reporting that Straw won a race.  Reference to BOTO 8, of course.  Then he turns it around and talks about BOTO's grand finale instead.  This is when Controlly speaks live.

While he does this, we see what is going on with the contestants.  Party Hat and Shieldy are excitedly "in the finale together."  Then Shelly joins in, and Shieldy spills the fact that he and Party Hat are in an alliance, making Shelly wish to join.  Pizza sees this from inside a tree, when Hot Dog shows up inside the tree as well.

Interesting way for the contestants to prepare for the grand moment of their lives.

Then we see the eliminated contestants being thawed so that they can watch the finale.  And it's funny how Fabulous says:

Fabulous: I'm here for the food!

Not to mention, Treble Clef from BOTO 4 is there!  Along with everyone we saw in the preview!

Then Controlly explains what the challenges are.  The first one physical, the second one mental, (hey, that's just like BFIS' challenge routines!), and the third one social.  In the physical one, everyone catches boxes and puts them in bins, but Hot Dog fails because of his inability to catch boxes.  Also, Shelly vomits, which marks the only vomiting in all of BOTO.

Meanwhile, Popsicley chats with the four generic shape characters, and then the Mall Squad (that's what Glamour said they were in BOTO 3 right?), asking who they're rooting for.  And I like how the Mall Squad says Pizza is "hot," considering as pizza is usually hot after it's baked.

In the mental one, everyone is given a quiz on BOTO.  And Pizza fails.  (Pizza thought that in BOTO 2, Party Hat chose first because he was the OC.)  It's also interesting how Boat fails to break the fourth wall the way she did in BOTO 5.  Before the next micro-challenge, some kind of furball (like BOTO 7's Beanbag?) comes around with lemonade.  Let's hope Lemonade never finds out about this.

The social challenge is one-of-a-kind because the competitors (Party Hat, Shelly, Shieldy) have no control over it.  The votes go like this:
Pinecone: Shelly
Slurpy: Shelly; they were there for her
Boombox: Party Hat; he was there for him
Big Orange Chicken: Shieldy, because of their friendship from BOTO 8
Chocolatey: Shelly because of the friendship group
Boat: Shelly; Chocolatey pressed the button for her
Popsicley: Party Hat; she thinks Shelly is a traitor
Pizza: Party Hat; he'll win anyway (but Party Hat gets suspicious upon hearing this)
Diamond: Shieldy, because he saved her in BOTO 2
Hot Dog: Shelly because she deserves it the most
Pear: Shelly; "Yeah Shelly, you show those boys who's boss!"
Circly: Shieldy; attracted to his shininess
Triangly: Shieldy
Starry: Shieldy
Squary: Party Hat (Circly then calls him a square)
Glamour: Shelly; also she presses the button for the rest of the Mall Squad
Fabulous: Shelly
Vanity: Shelly
Beautiful: Shelly
Pretty: Shelly
Treble Clef: Party Hat; presumably because of the Internet song
Baseball Cap: Party Hat; he made it farthest in the Battle Monsters game of BOTO 5
Baguette: Shieldy; giving him a chance (Baguette is probably mad at him from BOTO 5)
Scissors: Shieldy
Giving the results of Party Hat = 6, Shelly = 11, Shieldy = 7, so Party Hat fails.

Shieldy and Shelly are then at the finale, ready to win BOTO.  They have to run a race in which they cannot go through the lake.  This explains the cold-weather thing: in winter the lake would be frozen!  Baseball Cap sneaks a Battle Monsters card to Shieldy.

Then Controlly tricks us into thinking the prize is a car / $1000000 / a lifetime supply of gold chicken nuggets, when it's really a Golden Ticket, enabling the winner to make a wish.  Meanwhile, everyone rushes to the nuggets just like in BOTO 6, except Big Orange Chicken sat there, without shedding a tear.

During the race, Shieldy uses his battle monster to unleash Baguette's battle monster which then duels Shelly.  Thanks to Shieldy, Emerald finally finds Diamond, only to find out that she ditched him and married someone else.  What'll Sapphire think of that...?  Oh well.  What matters is that Diamond married a big dragon named Gareth, shocking everyone else on the bleachers except the generic shape characters.

Meanwhile, Shelly loses Baguette's battle monster.  She then despairs that she'll never get to the finish on time, but then suddenly a rock monster from BOTO 10 (who surprisingly speaks English) offers to help.  They then get ahead of Shieldy, so Shieldy despairs until he sees... the Ever-Convenient Objects' Shopping Mall! (BOTO 3) He robs this store and gets a fast car, then uses it to continue the race, only to have it crash on a rock.

Later, the rock monster that's carrying Shelly comes across Pink and Purple's house, and throws eggs on the window.  This triggers Big Orange Chicken the same way it did in BOTO 7, resulting in a heap of jetted eggs.  The eggs all hatch into little chicks, yielding the end of the rock monster.

Shieldy and Shelly then frantically run the last part.  Shelly uses super speed to go ahead, but then suddenly, for no apparent reason, her mind goes blank and she dies.  Shieldy then wins.  Unfortunately for Controlly, the Golden Ticket somehow disappears.  So he offers Shieldy a pizza party.

Shieldy invites everyone who rooted for him to this party.  We learn from the credits that Pizza does not like cannibalism.  Also, the credits music is Anko's own song Bulletproof!  The generic shape characters and Controlly show the viewer votes from the previous episode, which match up with the placements in the micro-challenges (Hot Dog < Pizza < Party Hat < Shelly < Shieldy).

The last scene shows Pinecone all big and low-voiced and I'm not sure how he ended up that way.  But I am sure of one thing.  Brawl of the Objects was a blast!  Anko6theAnimator, thank you for all 13 episodes!

BOTO 2 - In the stinger, Emerald is in a castle with a robot saying "Sorry, the princess is in another castle."
BOTO 6 - In the wrong treasure chest Team Vanilla opens: "Have you seen the princess?" ... "Don't know what you mean"
BOTO 11 - In the ingredients when Chocolatey looks through them: "Have you seen the princess?" ... "Alright then, my quest continues!"

BOTO 3 - Box hit him in the face
BOTO 5 - Box landed in his hands, and then he fell flat on the ground
BOTO 8 - Box landed on the ground and slid
BOTO 9 - Box flew over his head
BOTO 10 - Box hit Pizza in the face
BOTO 11 - Box hit him so hard he fell backward
BOTO 12 - Box got laser-teleported behind him

BOTO 2 - Before the intro, Popsicley asks Controlly what they're battling for and he lies that the Grand Prize is in a simple box
BOTO 3 - Boxes at the elimination look just like the one Popsicley saw.  "Hey, those all look like the box with the----" > "SHUSH!!"
BOTO 4 - Popsicley's rap during the challenge has "we're gonna win the [censored, because we don't want to reveal the Grand Prize]" in it, indicating that she deliberately said what the prize was.
BOTO 5 - She was accidentally given the "Grand Prize" box.  "That's the... th-th-the..." > "Oops, wrong box"
BOTO 9 - At her elimination: "Hold on, I can't be eliminated, I know what the Grand Prize is!"


Zz-SleepMastR-zZ's Profile Picture
Nicholas McConnell
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am Nicholas McConnell, a lover and master of sleeping characters! Yep, you've heard it... Feel free to check out my gallery if you're having trouble falling asleep at night, because in my environment, characters would rather not wake up.

April Fool's Day Series (Developer Commentary)

In late March 2016 (somewhere around the 25th), I just decided to do something oddly curious for April Fool's Day. I started making a Scratch project where the player is supposed to keep getting characters to sleep. I loved the idea so much I just continued it on. I thereby put together April Fool's Day! with ease in just a matter of days.

I have been constantly thinking about what characters should be in this game during its progress. After Peter, Benjamin, Tiger, Jedi and Headeye are gotten to sleep, I was thinking a pig should be gotten to sleep with use of mud. Yet, that idea only started to be used in April Fool's Day 2. I was also wondering if the Kiang family's parents should have been in the game to have the complete family; I dropped that idea.

When I finally finished April Fool's Day!, my heart was in nostalgia mode as my Mom and I traveled to California. I would get myself up early in the morning just to fix some final glitches in the game and see reactions. I was so proud of having made that game.

Benjamin and Peter originated from early years, specifically from my "Observe, Predict, Infer" series. Timothy and Nicolas were originally named and described by other users. Nathan and the pets were brand new.

Since AFD!'s walkthrough was hated on May 10, 2016, I had originally cancelled the sequel. However, in late fall I changed my mind because I had quite an idea. Starting in January 2017, I started April Fool's Day 2, a game with many possible endings, and I completed it in just three months.

AFD2 was not efficiently programmed though, so it will most likely take a while to load. Also, it is a game that must be played carefully, because it freezes easily forcing you to press space. In AFD2, you get 7 boys and 4 girls to sleep, and there are background appearances of Morgan's pig Putin, Danwersa's lemur Aster, and Potassium Boy's turtle Tuck, all sleeping. Kyle and Regan are the only boys with no pets.

In AFD2, it is up to you to get everyone warmly covered, because once you sleep in your dream room, the town will continue to sleep through a temperature drop.

The people portals you'd use to get Eleina to bed were an instant idea of mine, but then I decided they should work on anyone whatsoever. The game prevents you from abusing them and putting a guy in someone else's bed. There are five endings, a bad ending, a neutral ending, a good ending, and two secret endings, one about time travel and one about death & suffering.

After the creation of these games I have had many personal dreams that the games were more sophisticated and had other characters, telling me my heart was in the right place.

The Fate of April, with its work commenced in September 2017, is the third and final game of the series. This game has more storyline and efficient/sophisticated programming than the previous two, and many exotic wonders. Your formidable actions from the first two games cause you to dream that the whole town is fast asleep mid-afternoon. You must then wake everyone up and keep them awake, and then they will be kept bright-eyed at a new carnival. You then wake up from your dream in the middle of the night, and go back to sleep, with your sleep-spreading conscience undone and gone.

The rainbow-colored levels in FOA are ordered from easiest (red) to hardest (purple). I had originally planned for the player to have virtual money with which (s)he could purchase the Z-Pad/live notifications. But since every person other than the player is sleeping, I decided that would not make sense; I locked them by passwords instead.

The Lore of Dreams is a long-term idea I had last fall, where you enter someone else's dream while they are sleeping and affect it. In the game, there are only two dreams you can enter (Danny's and Peter's), and you will need access to each dream to wake the corresponding characters.

The intro and carnival slideshows have been drawn in the late stages of the game, with quite some background effort to raise spirits from the players. The carnival slideshow evokes many references: Spotty having "her day" because 2018 is a dog year; Putin in front of a large pig, which references Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Long Haul when Manny gets a pet pig as a prize; and Headeye and Tuck about to race, which refers to the Tortoise and the Hare fable.

There are nine characters in FOA who are prone to sleeping in the vans: Nathan, plus all eight pets. You must sort these characters, because departure cannot happen with any slumber in the vans.

All in all, the April Fool's Day Series is about slumber and anti-slumber.


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