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Lament of a Spoon

Silver Spoon questions her participation in the psychological destruction of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Featured on Equestria Daily - 2012/05/29 - [link]
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silver spoon without your glasses on you have pretty eyes
nice story, here is a link to my own, it features Silver Spoon for romantic reasons;…   delete this comment if you wish, PS you might want to post your story on fimfiction too, to give it more exposure
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It also made it onto EqD.
congrats on making it onto EqD
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Already there. Same name, same story title. In fact, I published it there first.
congrats on getting your story into EqD
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She looks adorable without her glasses.
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Wow, this was amazing. I really love your take on Silver Spoon's character and the journal narration was interesting. You also have an elegant writing style for her--and the characterizations were believable every step of the way.

You also used a lot of nice alliterations throughout the story, which made me squeal like a schoolgirl, I'll admit.
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Awesome story, also where did you find that image of silverspoon?
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I got that off Equestria Daily.
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whoa. that changed the way i thought of silver spoon forever.
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Thanks! Glad you liked it!
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