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Mace and Whip Dancing the Night Away!

By zyronblade
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Mace! Whip! It's late. Vi needs to get ready for tomorrow!

Okay Big project. This took me 20 hours and 20 minutes to make over the course of two months. I was prepping for the Halloween contest, when wild Life appeared.

I am most happy with the ending. it pretty much came out exactly as I had intended, so that was neat. I know it is a bit low-quality, however I affix this to both my newbie status (this is only my third animation with sound and whatnot) as well as an increase of devotion to school. (and Pokemon X helped draw my attention away from this)

In fact, this little thing sat incomplete in the prison that is my hard drive for about a month, until this weekend. Then, I jammed  on it to get it done.

So yeah. Enjoy!

(c) Mace, Whip, Vi to Dave and Liz Lillie. (They are great!)

check their work out! 

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haha! I know this was for the contest last year, but I hadn't seen it. This is great! :P
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thanks a bunch for the comment! I am glad after all this time it still brings a smile to people.
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I feel like this should have won in the "Funniest" category, but I'm glad to see it won at least! LOL you know the first time I saw this, before Vi walked in I was sitting here thinking "O-kaaaaaayyyyyy..." Then Vi walked in, did her thing, and I sprayed root beer out my nose, I was laughing so hard. 

Congrats on an absolutely hilarious video!
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Really? lol. Thanks for the comment! Glad I could make your Root Beer perform some tricks for you. 

and Yeah, I think funniest would be more appropriate with this. I really don't see how it got best comic (moving comic I guess? kinda)...but anyway, what's said and done is said and done.

Also, congrats on your Harvest Festival Landscape. It was really amazing how much there was and the level of detail :P

so props for that. *applauds*
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Nah, this was fantastic. Maybe you're right, maybe it's the best moving comic? Hmm. I dunno, it was friggin' hilarious. Not to say other folks didn't have some funny stuff, but this had my vote for "Funniest." =) 

Although... I just realized... you had the "That's Our Tendril!" gag, right? Haha so you won the Funniest category anyway LOL.

And thanks for the kudos on the Harvest Festival thing! LOL but I don't think I'll be doing anything like that for a LONG time, that wore me out.  
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lol yeah. I really wasn't expecting the "That's our Tendril!" pic to win anything. I just wanted to have something for the contest in case this wasn't done. :P Honestly, I am still in a bit of shock at this result, but hey. If it's enjoyed that much then that's cool. after all, that's why we make art and participate: so we can all have a good time and indulge ourselves in good artwork.

And now that everything is said and done we can all relax! 

have a Happy Halloween!
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Nice work buddy, I'll vote for this as soon as the polls open.
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Congratulations on your win!
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That's so awesome! Too bad Vi had to ruin the fun...
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yeah. but give her some credit, she does deal with Mace and Whip all the time. everyone has their breaking point.
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Too funny! Great job!
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Glad you liked it
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Great work!It does seem like Vi has a way of ruining fun!
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Aww. don't be so hard on her! there's only so much Vi can put up with.

but yeah, Thanks!
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I do suppose Mace and Whip could come off as annoying despite how much I like them.

Your welcome and have a great Halloween!
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Yeah. They are like an addiction.you know it's bad for them to be doing pranks and having fun, but it's just so enjoyable and great to watch and see.

And happy Halloween to you as well!
ezioauditore97's avatar
Their antics are part of their appeal indeed!

Hope your Halloween was as good as mine!
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That was rather funny.  Seems the song is too dumb for Vi.
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Yeah. it is. Mace and Whip think it's great prank material though!
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