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Homura-chan render

Random Homura-chan render ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

This is a render, a extraction of a image/object/person from their respective backgrounds. Artwork belows to whoever who drew this ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
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Can i download it?
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Hello, nice work  ! I used it here ~
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excellent, I have a new Iphone wallpaper, definitely my fav anime 
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Thanks ~! Used it here [link]
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tnx will be use for the event of ours
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not too shabby at all.. :D
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Can you make this a print C:

I'll love to buy it :heart:
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lets m,ake this clear..its NOT art theft, you people should stop pointing at others here i mean really now its become STUPID, you call it art theft all you like can you prove this? can you now? also it makes you a thief as well..use Logic next time before posting nonesense bullshit.
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Cute!!!! Used <3
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If you didn't get permission from the original artist to render this, then it's art theft.
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can u render eee...madoka pic too????o-o
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I officially love this one. ITs so magical, and beautiful! ND ITS PURPLE! this is my kind of art. HOW DID YOU DO THIS?!?!
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They take the original artwork and cut out the background. This isn't a render. A render is a 3d image made into a 2d image.

As far as my understanding on the subject goes, 'render' is sort of used as a slang for people who turn other people's artwork into stock photos. Most of the original creators of the artwork aren't even asked for permission. What this deviant, 'Zyresic, thinks is a render is clearly art theft.
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